Sunday, March 27, 2011

4 years earlier...

Before I let out all the details of the 4th best day of my life, I would like to bring us back about...oh lets say...exactly 4 years ago. March 23rd, 2007 is when the second love of my life took my life by storm. big boy, turned 4 last Wednesday! I can't believe that he is four years old and that hits me every time he slows down to talk with me and I just stare into that face. I stare into those big blue eyes and try and grab that glimpse of the baby he was and the man he will be. What a blessing he is to me, and I pray that I can be a blessing of a Mother to him as he continues to get older.

Logan is still on the bigger side of his age, weighing about 45lbs and well over 40inches (haven't measured that one in a while). It will be interesting getting him his summer clothes as now we can shop in the little boy section of the stores instead of the toddler area. As much as it is nice to have an older child, there are sooo many new challenges on our plates. Like teaching and showing respect, social appropriateness, loving his little brotherS, and responsibility in chores. On the other hand there is getting self dressed (including jackets, shoes-on the right feet, etc), wiping own bum, buckling and unbuckling himself from the car seat, and many more. You don't think that would be hard, but we adults see them as common sense and basic abilities, but to a 4 year old...all new territory.

Because of all the excitement this year around his actual birthday date, we had a delayed family party for him. Good thing I had his actual party a few weeks ago! He was able to share cupcakes with his classmates on Wednesday, but waited somewhat patiently for mom to come home with Everett for his cake and present opening. It was simple and good family time. Last birthday-day to himself!

Yum yum Chocolate Cake...nothing like last years frosting Monster Truck

Look at him...what a boy, what a wonderful little boy.

Singing Happy Birthday

Not too much spit on the cake when he blew out the candles

Opening presents...yes I know he looks naked, but he likes to just wear his undies

Not sure what was up with the flash here, but it was fun to see Austin's reactions to the presents...still has some chocolate cake around his mouth

My little man...the new 4 year old

Momma gets to clean up:-)



Kelly said...

Happy birthday Logan! I can't believe how fast time goes!

Random, but you might find this helpful with the shoe issue...We couldn't figure out for the longest time why Hailey would put her shoes on the wrong feet 100% of the time until we really watched her go through the process. She would match the bottom of her shoe to the bottom of her foot and then put her shoes on accordingly. AH HA! So I took a permanent marker and drew an arrow inside each shoe. Now she just needs to make the arrows point at each other to know which shoe goes on which foot!

It's so much fun AND so much work to teach them all of those little things we do take for granted! Keep up the awesome work!

Anonymous said...

Awww. Cute photos. Happy Birthday Logan. Do you have a picture of his cake last year?

Casey Martinez said...

Happy 4th birthday to your sweet eldest and happy birth day to your newest Everett! How are you even finding time or energy to post! You are a super momma Elissa! Logan is so long and lean now! And such a cutie with those big blue eyes! Thanks for the birthday pics and updates Elissa~!