Friday, March 18, 2011

Momma In Focus Friday!

Today was an unbelievably gorgeous day...yes shorts and sleeveless shirt kind of day. We went to the park at the beach and I had fun with my camera!

Austin is just melting my heart lately. Last night after trying to put him back into bed about 10 times, I told Mike that he was being "too cute" for me and I needed him to do it. I just couldn't keep a straight face and be a tough mom! I just wanted to cuddle with him, kiss him and lay with him. (I did multiple times too). I love this kids personality. So carefree and all boy.

Logan is mastering so many new skills and LOVES the encouragement and praise from doing them. He sometimes goes into these question rants where it is just one question after the other, after the opening Pandora's Box...oh the things that he asks:-)
Trying to get a picture...thanks to Mike!
A Momma and her boys!



Molly said...

ummm hi....are you even pregnant? Because pretty sure you don't look it! Hold that baby in until tomorrow so I can win the pool. Thanks.

Casey Martinez said...

I wanted to tell you that you look great and the pictures with the boys are priceless because you will always look back on them as your last few days as a family of four! Very special and thanks for linking up again Elissa! just think...soon you will be linking up with 3 babies in your arms!! hehe. Isn't the weather gorgeous!!! Glad you got to enjoy it;0

Anonymous said...

Awww. I love these photos. So cute. You look great!

Jillian said...

logan looks so much like mike in the last picture :)