Friday, July 9, 2010

Wanna leave a Comment but don't know how?

Yes Momma, this one is for you! I used to have my privacy settings so that only people with certain accounts could leave comments, but I have now changed that so any one (MOM) can type a comment with ease. Here are the steps:

Under the post you want to comment on, click on the highlighted (usually blue) words that say "0 comments" or the "0" may be another number if people have already commented. Here is an example of what it looks like.


Once that is clicked you will go to a page with other comments. Go to the box that says "Post a comment" above it. Type in your lovely words, and if you don't have an account that says your name, then please sign your comment "from...." AFter you type in your comment then right underneath the comment box there is a pull down box that you can chose how to comment. If you don't have any of the accounts on there then choose "Anonymous" and then click "Post Comment" underneath that!

Hope that made sense to you all...hopefully I will get a comment from my momma now! Love ya!

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Anonymous said...

from MOM----oh you are so wonderful and so is your growth in Jesus. I am so proud of Michael and what he has accomplished.Glad your boys got to camp before they grew is amazing. I love you-mom.