Monday, July 26, 2010

MN fun

Only a week down and it feels like we have been here forever! We have gone to the MOA amusement park, Como Zoo, community center pool/waterpark, and plenty of walks! The boys are so tuckered out everyday that they take about a 3 hour nap...(very nice!). This week we are changing houses and going to my parents for the rest of the time. During those few days Mike and I will be getting a night out, professional family pictures taken and extended family time!

Here we are at the Como is free, a perfect size and by far the best to see animals in my opinion. There is a butterfly atrium that we went in and saw all kinds and enjoyed the beauty. It was fun to notice the different kinds of plants and see ones that we have in our own garden.

Logan didn't even know that this butterfly was on him and he kept swatting at his neck throughout the whole visit because he thought they were landing on him.
Here we are at the MOA at Legoland...a giant Woody! Logan was trying to get Austin in the picture with him.
Logan and Mommy riding the swings

Logan riding an up and down ride. At first he was unhappy with the ride, but then he saw that all the other kids were laughing so he started laughing.

I haven't shared a picture of one of our male pumpkin flowers yet, so here one is! We are still waiting for a female to show up which will give us a pumpkin!


Joey&Casey said...

You guys are having so much fun and are so busy! Love the swing picture with you and Logan Elissa:) So cute! I'm so very happy that you are getting to soak up this time with your fam! What a blessing a treat! Your garden is growing fast:)!

Molly said...

I've only been to the MN, I need to try out Como. And PS - I would have puked my brains out on those swings. I get sick if I swing too long at the park. HA HA HA