Friday, July 9, 2010

Flash Me Friday!- Your outdoor Space

This is a new thing I am going to try and do every Friday. My girlfriend Molly has been doing this on her blog and it has been fun to "see" inside her house/life! Every Friday I will post pictures of our house/outside/or other things around our living area. Just a fun way to "see" inside my life! Want to join me? Go on over to Molly's Blog or to Jen's Blog.

We have a massive deck in our backyard, which is a good thing due the very steep slanted ground underneath. However, it was not a professionally made deck (or if it was, they did a poor job!) and we are still waiting for the budget to fix it up. Of course Mike has been gone so much that we also haven't had the man power. We love it though and use it for lazy evenings, grilling, get togethers, and picnics!

This massive tree is actually dying. We had pulled off the vine, but as you can see it is growing back already. It would cost thousands and us removing the deck in order to get the tree out. Oh well!

The patio furniture we got at Big Lots...they have the best deals! The other chair and another table is by the front door. DONT' Laugh!!!!

Here is the first pictures of our garden in progress. We just planted these plants last night. When we were buying them from the store I thought it would fill it up...but no way! I tried to make a panorama of it but my computer wouldn't upload it. Grrr.. anyways, there are huge empty spaces between the flowers and veggies. It will get filled though!
We have all Perennials such as Creeping Jenny, Butterlfy Flowers, and Verbania. There are others, but I don't remember the names at the moment. Lots of color though!

You can kinda see how long the planter is and the space between the front and back. The far plants on the left and in the back are the veggies! Red pepper plant, two pumpkin plants, and green beans! We shall see if I am lucky to have a homegrown pumpkin this year for Halloween! You can also see the other planter along our house in the background. We are slowly but surly going to have that "secret garden" looking garden...if you know what I mean!


Big Fat Mama said...

Hi there. Thank you for such a sweet comment on MBC! Yes, I wrote the letter from God to mothers. I was actually getting ready for bed at night, and God just placed the idea on my heart and I went to the computer and wrote it down. It's all from Him. I would be honored if you shared it with others. Thank you!
Big Fat Mama

Molly said...

Yeah! So glad you are doing this! You should put your link on Jen's blog so you get more traffic to your blog! It's FUN!

Kaylee said...

Awesome Elissa! I love the planter you guys put up! And yes, the plants will slowly, but surely take it over!!! That's great that you're doing veggies and hoping for pumpkins for Halloween. When we finally get into a house that is our own, I am so looking forward to a big veggie garden (if I can keep the plants alive long track record isn't so great with that, ha ha!!!).

Joey&Casey said...

hehe;) My family needs to read this post to learn how to post comments too!

Joey&Casey said...

Oh my goodness I love your garden!! I didn't notice that before but it's soooo cute!! Great job!

Joey&Casey said...

ooo and I like the flash me friday idea...thought you were talking about something else at first but, glad to know it's just home flashing:) hehehe. Like your new patio set..sorry for the three comments...I just keep seeing different things each time I hop on here:)