Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We are in MN! I am not sure who all knows due to the last several days being a blurr...literally; but we took an impromptu trip to MN! Mike was supposed to be training in AL starting this past sunday for 2 weeks, but at the last minute got canceled (YES!) and we all ended up on another long car drive to MN. We are going to spend about 2 weeks here as a whole family, get plenty of dates (even a night away), and play time with the boys! So here we are, I will update with pictures and stories for our reading pleasure:-)

One thing that made me hesitant about a trip for two weeks, was my garden! The pumpkin flowers are finally blooming (so far only the male ones
and you need the female to get the pumpkin to grow -long story) and may need help pollinating and I just planted the most beautiful Hydrangea plant called "Twist and Shout" which needs some extra love and attention. So to ease my fears we bought a cheap yet very reliable over the ground sprinkler system. Took us a few hours to get it just right, but every night the water will nourish my garden and my dear garden friend is going to check up on it every few days. I am anxious to get back home to see the new "family" because my garden friend said it has rained a ton since we left (YEAH!!). Here is a pic of the neat new kind of hydrangea. The Hydrangeas bloomed in VA almost 2 months ago and they are in full bloom here in beautiful!


Kelly said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE HYDRANGEAS! Can you send me a bouquet when you get home?

Kaylee said...

I am so glad that you guys get to spend two weeks in MN, as a family!! That is such a blessing - Yay God!!!

Joey&Casey said...

Have a wonderful time Ewissa:) I think we both know how much we love our family time:). Love the picture! Gorgeous color!