Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Updates and Such...

Our days have been flying by recently. I have officially started thinking about deployment and am preparing myself for it. Those military wives out there (or ones who have hubbies gone for any amount of time) there is a period before they go where you kinda...well...shut down to put it simply. I start trying to do more on my own and gaining my independence back. In doing this I sometimes end up pushing Mike away, which is not my goal, and he just knows this is part of the mental and emotional progress. We are starting so savor every weekend, dinner meal as a family, day off, and every moment of laughter. Mike has a little over 7 weeks till the time apart starts.

Anyways, a lighter side of things...we went to the park the other day and once again had fun playing as a family.
Mike thought it would be neat to see what a slower shutter speed would look like...pretty cool huh?
Austin has this personality that just explodes sometimes and is so fun to watch! Plus those incoherent words are hilarious!
Such little men

I think there is only a handful of nights in the 3.5 years of being a mom that I HAVEN'T checked on my boys before going to bed. I wish I could take a picture of them every night, but sometimes what I see just warrants a picture so much! Here is my copy-cat Woody...same position it seems!

Logan got a haircut!!! I wanted to grow his hair out which I have tried on numerous times, but he has such thick hair that it just looks like his head grows, not his hair. So we chopped it (actually a stylist at a normal haircutting place did). I do have to say that I love the short little boy haircut. However, I do feel that I could have done a better job than her.

AFTER (why are his bangs always crooked?)

Played with play-dough today. This can keep them entertained for about an hour! Austin just wants to be involved and sits there putting the tops on the containers and putting balls in and out of them. Hasn't tried to eat it yet...or that I have seen:-(

We made a duck today...pretty sad huh?

This just made me crack up. I saw this in our classifieds today. Anyone wanna prank call them?

Our Garden! We have had so much fun with this garden, who knew watching plants grow everyday could be so fulfilling! These are our green beans and they are strong plants! They popped out of the ground just 6 short days after being planted. They will grow about 2 feet tall!
Our pumpkin patch...we have two of them and bought them with a few leaves growing and now there are tons! We have read up on the stages of the growing pumpkins and we have already gotten past the first stage and are on the second. Did you know they actually bloom a flower for one day or so, fold in on itself and then become the pumpkin?
See the vines...just like you see in a pumpkin patch! Watch out though, they will grow up to 10 feet long!
View towards our flowers..we have quite a variety!
The long shot...we have lots of room still and need to fill it up quickly! Our dirt is drying out and needs constant watering. Mulch isn't really an option because of all the flowers and plants we still need/want to plant. We are also re-seeding around the planter...slowly but surly...patience has been taught to us by having this garden!


Kelly said...

Two things...
First, I think you should join the UFO club.
Second, we've grown beans and peas many times, and it really helps to put something up next to the plants that they can climb up. Just a thought! What a beautiful garden!

Molly said...

I could never grow a garden, I am way too impatient. I will just start buying the beans from you and Kel! I'm a part of a UFO club, if you want any other information.

THat pic of Austin and Woody is PRECIOUS.

Great pics E!

Anonymous said...

my grandsons are perfect--love them more everyday
so glad you put lots of pics up thank you
logans haircut is fine...being a little boy makes him cute no matter what
put part of a little fence like i used to have around my flowers years ago by your beans
your family is so precious
love you guys

Joey&Casey said...

love the sleeping pic of austin and it made me smile that you check on your kiddos every do I now and if I forget I even jump out of bed to go peek on her:) Makes me melt that we mamas can relate on such things now:). Love the pic of mike swinging the boys and the two kiddos in black and white. Plants are growing so fast! Fun!! I'm praying for you as this deployment creeps up fast Elissa! God Bless you dear friend! xoxo

Big Fat Mama said...

What a great camera! I loved the picture of your little one sleeping. So cute!!
I'll be praying for you and these precious times you have with your husband here.

Be of good courage, and he shall stengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord. Psalm 31:24

adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

um, hello, your boys are gorgeous! the swing photo? the woody photo? TOO MUCH! you're a great photographer - keep it up mama! :)