Friday, July 23, 2010

Flash Me Friday!- Favorite piece of furniture

Unfortunately I can't show you all a picture of my favorite piece of furniture which more than likely would be our kitchen table. I don't love it for the looks. It is probably one of the most tore up pieces we have; it's been hammered on, picked with forks, has a 1/4 inch layer of syrup on it, the head of the chairs are falling off, etc. I love it because it is one of three remaining first pieces of furniture we bought as a married couple. So many family dinners as two, then three, then and friend gatherings, long discussions, funny jokes and major decisions made at that table. Even though I am begging mike for a new dinning room set, I think I might actually shed a tear when I see that table go someday. Perhaps when we return home I will snap a picture of the ugly thing so even more people can create more memories with our family:-)


Joey&Casey said...

awww, that was a special post Elissa:) Our table is super beat up and needing to be replaced too but, you are right..old things have a lot of love in them:) Hard to part with them but, at least with a nice picture you will never forget it! :)

Laura K. said...

I have great memories at that table, deep conversations with you, shared meals, time spent doing crafts, time spent with you and mike while my mike was deployed, opening birthday presents, talking about the Bible...a lot of great memories actually! What beautiful memories to think back on. Yes, please snap a pic! Miss you!