Friday, July 16, 2010

Flash Me Friday!- Artwork

Every Friday I will post pictures of our house/outside/or other things around our living area. Just a fun way to "see" inside my life! Want to join me? Go on over to Molly's Blog or to Jen's Blog.

This week is ARTWORK! When I first saw this was this weeks Flash...i thought "I have nothing!" But then I looked around my house and actually started to realize how much I love the art/pictures hanging in my house. If it isn't a picture of family/friends, then it is usually something I made! This one from our bedroom I made last year in the very beginning of Mike's Deployment. I bought wood, had it cut, sanded and stained it. Then I painted the letters, glued them on and hung the ribbon! I think it speaks so much for us because I pray every day that there is love going on in our house. In Love with each other, our boys, our house, our Lord!

This was another piece that I love and has so much meaning. In the early months of marriage, so broke and yet in love, Mike bought this Thomas Kincaid (wish I had ALL his paintings!) picture for our first place. Not quite the biggest painting, but so loving and meaningingful to us. We have always hung it in our homes where we are the most. Maybe someday we will have a cottage like that!

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The Stachurskis said...

Beautiful Elisa! I love your Thomas Kincaid! My parents are big fans and I have grown up looking at his pictures on their walls. Great memories. I look forward to next Friday!