Friday, December 25, 2009

Our tropical Vacation/honeymoon

I have been dying to get some photos on here for you all to see...I am just posting a few but there will be more to come with plenty of stories.

Our trip started with an adventure with my passport (long story) but God had everything in control and in his plans! Obviously it did because we got there and back just fine. I won't give you all the details of everyday, but maybe a short rendition.

Our resort was incredible and exactly what we wanted. Our own private cottage with plunge pool and a view that was breathtaking. We did a 9 zip line tour through part of the island, rented a car and did our own exploring viewing some of the best secluded beaches, plenty of sun and incredibly good food, a cruise to parts of the island, snorkeling with jellyfish, barracudas and starfish, and enjoyed being a husband and wife again. We had someone professionally take some pictures of us which are the top two was a blast and got some of the most romantic and incredible shots of us. The next is of snorkeling...i did hold a starfish, but you don't really want to see me in a bathing suit right??!?!? Several of the pics are from our Creole Cruise excursion...and then some from the different beaches we visited. The last is a view from our room! Love it! More to come!


Joey&Casey said...

Wow! Antigua looks gorgeous and so does the hot couple that visited in the pictures above:). You both look great and these pictures melted my heart because you two have deserved a get away like this for sooooooo long and it blessed me so much to see that you had a fun and more importantly romantic time:). I'm so happy for you guys!!

The Kincaid Family said...

I'm just going to copy and paste Casey's comment here :)! Antingua looks amazing and the pictures of you two are so romantic and beautiful!! Can't wait to see more!! Welcome Home!