Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Little Austin

Austin has been becoming such a little man lately and I thought I would share some of his cuteness. The other day when I came home (parent's house) after being gone for about 3 hours, I saw my little man Austin and he started crawling towards me and says "m m m momma"! I doubt that he knows that I am mommy and I doubt that he was trying to say that, but it melted my heart of course. He has also started clapping! My mom was working with him on it and it is so cute to see his big fat hands clap. Of course when I have tried to get it on video he doesn't do it, but then once the camera is off he goes to town. Little stinker! I think this is pretty cool because Logan didn't start clapping till well after a year old and we had to really work with him on it! Just shows how two siblings can be so different! I have also found that Austin really knows who I am, his Mommy! Logan was a fairly independent child and hasn't really fussed when with other people. Now Austin doesn't either, but I can definitely tell that sometimes he just wants to be held by mom. It is quite sweet because it isn't too often. His big front teeth are so far apart it is hilarious and of course he is getting more teeth in...stinker! He also just adores his brother, even though Logan takes toys away from Austin...he just smiles away and loves getting loved on by Logan. As soon as I can get a video of Austin clapping I will share...sorry for the rant on my little man, but my love overflows for him!

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