Friday, December 4, 2009

New Family Traditions!

I grew up with some great family traditions around the holidays and wanted to start some of our own for our family. We talked about different ones at MOPS the other day and I also talked with some friends. We decided on a Scripture Advent Calendar and the Advent Wreath. The Calendar I made (and hope to finish it in MN with my mom) with some felt and velcro. The ornaments have the scripture references on the back Luke 2:1-20. Every day we read one verse or part of a verse and throughout the month we read all the verses up to that day so on Christmas we read the whole story!
The Advent wreath/candles is one that we did as a church growing up and now the church we attend does the Advent wreath also. I think it will be a great tradition to do at home as the boys grow up. There are different devotional readings that people do, some do the Hope, Love, Peace, Joy, Christ and others do the patriarchs, prophets, John, Mary and Christ. We are doing a mix of both. We will be bringing these on our trip to start and keep the tradition going. If you all have a tradition that you would like to share, please do!!! Merry Christmas!


Joey&Casey said...

Love your festive traditions!! I can't wait to do that with our little girl:). You are such a good mama and I'll miss you while you are gone!

Ben and Melissa said...

yes great ideas! exactly what advent devotional book are you using with your wreath? I would love to do the same but probably starting next Christmas.