Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas DAY 09'

Christmas Day was spent with the Morris's and was a very needed relaxing day! The boys enjoyed yet another day of opening presents and of course was spoiled some more! We opened presents in the morning, took naps in the afternoon, had a great dinner, and spend time with the family tonight. I feel very blessed to have both of the boys' Grandparents live so close to each other! The fact that we get to spend both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with either family is such a blessing! Logan tried to sing Happy Birthday Jesus today and it came out "Baby Jesus...we love you..." he rarely sings and it was too precious how he did it. The boys have matching handmade pj's from my mom's friend which put the bow on my day today. Mike is sleeping next to me and that has to be one of the greatest gifts too. As we look ahead on this next year I dread yet look forward to all the new adventures that will come. To have Mike home and so safe and sound is such an answered prayer as I know many' wives are doing this holiday season alone this year. I pray you guys had a great day and made incredible memories!!!

Logan loving on Austin
trying to get a picture of them together...
My sweet man...
Logan playing with Austin when opening gifts
Logan in his hat during presents time
getting those gifts!
He is in car heaven!
YEAH!!! a decent picture!!! least the expressions are funny!

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Joey&Casey said...

these pictures of Logan and Austin are so precious! I love their matching jammies and wow, if they were handmade that lady is very very good at sewing!! They look store bought!! I'm so glad you all had a wonderful Christmas together!!