Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas EVE 09'!!!

Yes we made it back to snowy MN for Christmas! Totally a white Christmas this year! Christmas Eve was spent with the Markin's and was very eventful and busy. First presents in the morning, church in the afternoon and more presents with extended family in the evening. Logan started off slow with the unwrapping of presents, but caught on quick. His sayings this year was "OHhhhhh MYYyyyyy GoodNESS!!!!" and "Look what I found!!!" he was hilarious in it all and was very good about not opening up other's presents. We came to MN with one backpack full of toys and now have several boxes of goodies to pack home. It was truly great to be here with Mike home and with family. The boys love seeing their extended families as do we. Even though there is all the hype with presents, Christmas lights, family and food...we were able to focus on the real meaning of Christmas as Logan would remind us that it is Jesus' Birthday and try and sing for us. One of my all time favorite quotes about this time of year which can be seen as sad to some, but so encouraging and full of love is "He was born to die" . For me it means that in all His glory and splendor He was born in this awful world to be put to death for me and you. To love in a way that is unthinkable and unconditional. Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

One of the funny gifts from my parents.
Helping Logan get one of his toys those are so hard sometimes!
Checking out gifts with Austin
This will be a big one to get home but a for sure favorite!
Austin enjoyed the attention.
Me and my gift from santa
The tree with all the gifts and lights with Logan looking at the incredible amount of snow on the ground!
Going sledding...Logan is very adventurous!
Can't wait till Austin is old enough for this!!!

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Joey&Casey said...

FUn times!!! You guys look like you are/had a blast and it gave me warm fuzzies to see you all together with your kids. What a beautiful family you are:). And snow for Christmas is so awesome!!