Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some random pics!

October has been a great month so far! Fall is in the air and it has gotten cooler here which is so nice compared to the humidity of the summer. Austin is in full bear crawl mode...i don't know if he will ever use his knees! Logan is talking like he is ready for mike to come home, or that he knows that he will be coming home. We just had a friend visit from CA whom I haven't seen in over 2 years and hadn't met her son. It was a great visit and it prompted Casey to come up from NC to make it a girls weekend (even though there were 3 little boys). It was sad to have her go (i will get more pics from that up too) but around the same time I came down with a horrible stomach flu that lasted for sure 24 hrs, but is still not leaving my stomach the same! Mike had to call someone from Iraq here in VA to come watch the boys so I could nap for 2 hours. Even from around the world he is amazing and takes care of me! It sure made me realize how much I still depend on him when things like that happen. I really didn't know who to call or what to do! Luckily we are all doing better here. My younger sister Jillian is coming out to visit this Friday for a few nights and when she leaves we will have 3 weeks left! It is neat because she was the first to visit after Mike left and she will be the last to visit before he comes home! How perfect! Anyways, here are some pictures in a very random order...enjoy!

One of Austin's first messes he will get in to I am sure!

Logan goofing around

Austin's baby blues are more a dark blue than logan's

At the pumpkin patch

Logan in the Ambulance...he wanted to sit in every vehicle there

In the police car...already looks like he did something wrong huh?

At his favorite...the fire truck!

Getting to fulfill one of his dreams!

This is Logan's new thing...that is where we store our toys and he decides to get in it!

Logan drew a spider

Austin trying to get to the fireplace and ended up on the dog bed and layed there for a while

Silly boy!

Trying to get a smile

Logan petting a chicken...hmmmm maybe this is where we got sick?

Petting a very large bunny

They thought he had some food and they came running at the local petting farm

(before a haircut)


Joey&Casey said...

Wow:) That was one heck of a wonderful post:) I'll be getting you more pictures asap:) Joey said he ordered me the usb cable today. I love your kids Elissa and Mike. They are just so cuddly and precious! Thanks for this hefty fun update:)

Lindsey said...

Aww, your boys are so adorable. You'll have to video tape Logan's reaction to seeing Mike when he gets back. I'll be praying that the time goes by quickly.