Monday, October 12, 2009

Finally Pictures from Laura and Brayden's Visit!

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I was so blessed recently to have my good friend Laura and her son Brayden visit all the way from CA! They had a heck of a time traveling through 3 airports, but they did it with a cheerful heart and made it safely to and from! The week went by way too fast with them here. I swear it felt like we had just seen eachother a few days ago and not over 2 years! She has an adorable son who loves to play, babble, smile, and eat! She was a natural at mothering as this was the first time I had seen her as a mommy, and it was like she had always been one! All I know is that it would be awesome if we all lived soooo much closer together! While Laura was visiting our friend originally from CA (where we all lived before) who now lives in NC came up for the weekend and we all got some much needed girl time in. Sleepover! I am bummed though, I realized that Laura and I didn't get any pictures together, or if we did I think she has them...give them up Laura! Thank you for coming and spending all that time and energy at my house! Miss you guys so much!

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