Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Beautiful Love!

So as you all know Mike has been sending me flowers every 2 weeks since he left and I love to share with you the gorgeous arrangements because they are all so different and gorgeous! It is fun for me to see what Mike thinks about and what he sees will be beautiful for me. As we are getting down to the last couple of weeks I realize that I will have my husband home soon! I was trying to explain this to a friend the other day and it is kinda like I have been able to talk to my best friend for the past 6.5 months and now he gets to come home and I don't have to search or work at a relationship that would turn into a marriage because he is already my husband. We get to start "new" in a way but also get to pick up where we left off. Does that make sense? Anyways, getting all emotional here...I am just so blessed to have a wonderful man who loves me from across the world! By the way the flowers are fun to get, but I really enjoy the little romantic notes that come with them! Hehe!

I swear these were hybrid Roses...look how beautiful!

This was the most recent flowers. The Roses were unbelievable and the aroma was breathtaking!

Of course I LOVED the pot/vase they came in!

This was the bouquet before the other one. The Fall bouquet...such great colors!

They brought the summer to a close for me!


Joey&Casey said...

I have to say that those pink roses are so amazing and huge that they look fake! I want some!! :) I'm so happy that you are down to your last vase or so of flowers!! Your best friend is coming home so soon:). Great choice on the flowers Mike!

Ben and Melissa said...

Yes, beautiful flowers! So happy for you guys that you were able to stay in touch with each other this deployment and that it is soon over!

Mike said...

Hey love, I have ordered the last bouquet! The next thing that you will get is me!! I am looking forward to seeing you so much, coming home is always such a strange and wonderful feeling!