Sunday, October 18, 2009

Auntie Jillian's Recent Visit

Jillian came to visit for a long weekend because we found a great deal on a ticket! We had an adventurous time, but I loved having her here. She played with the boys, helped watch them so I could run errands, and helped me run errands too! We got to go to the Zoo one day because it was Military Appreciation Day and was free. Logan enjoys the Zoo very much and enjoyed showing Auntie all the animals. Austin didn't care for it so much. In those two bottom pictures are of Austin standing. He really tried hard to pull himself up on your pant leg or on a blanket...even on Logan's little potty. Well, finally one day he pulled himself up on that train table! He is getting bigger and bigger every day! What a cutie though.
I hope that Jillian enjoyed her visit despite the sickness that she got and the ER trip...get to that later. She was the last visitor though before Mike comes home!

At the Zoo's gift shop

Sorry was too cute and funny!

Getting our hands wet

Austin getting picked at by one of the toys/robots that Daddy gets to play with all the time!

Sitting in another Fire Truck

He got to try on the helmet this was very heavy

The two of them goofing around

Logan enjoys it when Austin plays trains with him

Yup...he is standing up and holding on! This time he didn't pull himself up, but the next day he did it all by himself!!!

Here is a video of Logan jumping for the first time on one of the jumpers at the Zoo

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KellY AnN BlaiR said...

Haha! That jumper video is funny! Jump, jump, crash! Jump, jump, crash!