Sunday, October 18, 2009

Austin's Adventure

Well, here's the whole story guys (I am writing this out partially so I will remember it!) Last Tuesday when Auntie Jillian was visiting she was carrying Austin down the stairs as he is carried down the stairs every day. This could have happened to anyone and no one is to blame. I see it as it was going to happen and it just happened to be Jillian carrying him. I know she felt horrible, but she is an awesome Aunt and loves my boys with all her heart. Well, Otis got in the way and she fell backward and somehow his leg got hit or stuck behind her. He cried long and hard and wasn't consolable for a while. After assessing him and calling the doc, we took him to the Portsmouth Naval Hospital because they have a pediatric ortho team there. I truely didn't think he was broken though. No reddness or swelling happened and he slept on the way to the ER. After the nap he was almost his normal self as we waited. He just didn't want to put any weight on it and when I touched the calf part of his leg he cried and winced. So we obviously avoided that until the doc saw us. In the mean time I had to find someone to come and get Jillian so she could get to the airport to catch her flight. God's hand was in all of this because it worked out well. After a couple of x-rays we saw the ER doc who was so nice thankfully. Once he told me it was broken I lost it. I felt bad I cried so hard in front of him and he probably thought I was nuts, but I just felt overwhelmed and frustrated that this couldn't wait 3 weeks until I had my support with me (mike). But I pulled it together and after Logan asked "why you crying" we were good. He has a hairline fracture in his right tibia. Things went pretty quickly after that . The Pediatric Ortho team was great and Austin got the green cast thanks to Logan. We did have to convince Logan that Austin wouldn't want a purple cast which is what Logan had first picked out. HA! He will have the cast on for 2-4 weeks and we see the Doc again this Tuesday, I am kinda hoping we get to get it off sooner than that! Austin hasn't minded the cast at all. A little frustrated in the beginning but he soon figured out how to crawl with it. Instead of doing his bear crawl he has learned to use his knees which will be nice for him once the cast comes off. A funny side note...I went to a friends house the other day to help watch her almost 3 year old and 1.5 year old. The little girl the 3 year old saw Austin and came up to me and says "Did you break your baby?" with the most concerned look on her face. I laughed sooo hard!

Austin chilling and playing!

Coming towards mommy!

Sorry it is blurry...this is the view I get when feeding him!

On the move

I tried to prop it up when he slept...

Austin crawling and talking!

More of Austin crawling


Ben and Melissa said...

oh my gosh he really is so cute with that cast! What troopers you both are in dealing with it. Amazing how a baby can be so accomadating to such a huge cast on his leg! I just saw online how purple is a new in color for boys. Logan must be with the trends! Don't worry, we aren't getting anything purple for Hudson! ;)

Joey&Casey said...

It's so crazy to me that Austin is moving all over the place on his own now and he can sit up just fine and chats up a storm. He is growing up so fast!!! He's such a champ with the cast!