Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lions Bridge Park

On Saturday we ventured up to Newport News, about 40 min away, to a Park with lots of trails, bridges and water! Our church community group went with us and despite the scary weather (which cleared up nicely for us!) we had a great time! However, the kiddos did think we were going to a park with swings, slides, etc. We walked a bunch, ate lunch, and played Frisbee. Our boys were exhausted afterwards!!

Here is my little man Austin being a model for me:-)

We rented a canoe...Logan wouldn't let go of the bar and Austin wanted to sleep. It was a quick trip, but so worth it!

Austin was miserable with his life vest on!

This is why they call it Lion's Bridge Park...huge HUGE statues of lions!

Eating lunch!

Got carried away feeding the fish and turtles!

Do you see the monster turtle?

There he is! Huge snapping turtle came up!

Playing catch...hilarious hair in the wind too!
The boys

turned out to be a beautiful day!


Joey&Casey said...

oh MY GOSH I love the pic on the canoe, the family pic and the other pic of mike and the boys at the park. Sooooo love these beautiful pictures elissa and once again, kuddos for capturing unique and striking angles and shots!!

Eryn Stennes said...

These are GREAT E! I bet you are SOO happy you are capturing all these moments.

Kaylee said...

looks like an awesome day - wonderful photos, elissa!