Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Graduation weekend and Family!

My little brother graduated...yes he is a young man now. I can't believe it! Our family has grown up so much and I am so proud of everyone! It has been a fun time being home, as we always joke around and spend plenty of time together. We even had my Grandparents come and visit! Logan gave my Grandpa a run for his money with so much wrestling and joking around, and Austin won over my Grandma's heart AGAIN as she read book after book to him!

Here are the proud parents of the graduate.

Good old Crimson....this brought back so many memories of my own wonderful graduation EIGHT years ago. I remember Mike being late and kissing him as he ran by in a blue shirt that made his bright blue eyes stand out. I was falling in love at this age!

The middle picture at the top is Amy, Kevin's girlfriend, and I tried to zoom in as much as I could, but it got quite blurry.

Waiting for the ceremony to start...silly Jillian and Josh, Chandler with Logan at the grad party, and Kevin reading to Austin

Logan was a little overwhelmed that day...love his red converse?

The boys playing the piano...taking after their mommy! Better start at this age to play more years than I did! Little did I know that my sons would be playing the same piano I did!

Great Grandma playing with Austin...

Little man Austin...crazy hair, trying to stick his head through the banisters and beautiful blues...

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Joey&Casey said...

yes, I DO love the red converse and your brother is such a stud and all growed up now:). Cute graduation pics of all of you guys! Love the tuckered out Logan pic too:)