Monday, June 28, 2010

MN Summer...

I LOVE Minnesota summers...I truly believe that EVERYONE should experience one! The weather is gorgeous, grass has never been greener, flowers blooming big, stays light till 10pm, thunderstorms in the afternoon and and beautiful sunsets at night. Not only was the land and weather beautiful, but the family and friends were wonderful. This time being home I really didn't try and do much, so I apologize to those who I didn't get to see. You all mean so much to me and please take no offense! I spent most of my days at the house, pool, or window shopping by myself! I sure missed Mike and wished he could spend the time with us there (since he hasn't spent one summer in MN his whole life!). Like I said we went to the Community Center pool, a park reserve, mall play area, and had lots and lots of freezies! (ice pops) Logan and Austin had a blast in the water and surprised Nana and I by going down big slides and loving it! I wanted so bad to get videos and pictures, but there was too much water!

Logan also went and say Toy Story 3 in 3D and truly loved it! Couldn't stop talking about the fire and how the claw saved them:-)

Austin got spoiled by my mom cuddling him at night and helping him fall asleep; he also enjoyed freezie pops so much that....umm....his poo turned colors! HA!

I got to take some pictures with my camera of my girlfriends girls, and my sister. Had a blast learning how to use light in the pictures and my editing tools! Someday I may share them with ya!

The trip there and back was pretty good. 24hours there, and about 27 back. Mike's Mom drove back with us through the mountains and is spending a few days with us (YEAH free babysitter!). We sure are going to miss her!

Here are a few pics of our time there!

Went out with some girlfriends for dinner and had a blast catching up...never enough time girls!!!

Logan went camping with my dad in our back yard. I didn't think he would make it through the night, but he did all the way till 7am!

Enjoying Father's Day with Nana and Grandpa...bubbles, cupcakes and family time!

Grandma trying to keep the essence of the boys...definitely makes me want to live closer to family!

Auntie Jillian cuddling with the boys. I swear she spent more time with them than me! She loved on them and watched them all the time! I had a great time with you Jillian! (sorry about the red eye...too lazy to edit it out!)

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Joey&Casey said...

Logan is such a champ for camping outside and still sleeping so well! Way to go Logan! These pictures are so precious Elissa. Love all the memories with family you have captured here:). Love Austin eating a cupcake too!