Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Hubs and more...

Yes, my dear old man has turned yet another year older. Now he is the same age as me:-) We celebrated a very low key birthday this year for Mike. Just glad to have him home this time and not sending him pictures of us all eating a cake "in memory" of him. Actually, the present I "got" him is free...I agreed to try scuba diving...YIKES! The dive store around here does a free course in "getting your feet wet" (no pun intended) and we are going to try it out a week from this saturday. I am more nervous than my NCLEX!!! Anyways, here a few photos of what has been going on here at the crazy Morris home!

Fun shot of Logan at the park

Mike got Omaha Steaks for a Birthday present and it always comes with dry ice...Austin tried to eat the smoke!

Mike didn't know what kind of cake I was going to make him, so I thought of what could be cool...yet easy. So I came up with the perfect getaway for him...a tropical island, waterfall, and our own bungalow. Here is the beginning of another monstrous cake. I had vanilla, chocolate and confetti flavor cake!

The finished masterpiece. I used fondant for the green lawn, pretzels for the hut and palm tree, and Extra Gum for the palm tree leaves.

Love it...too bad it's blurry!

Happy Birthday Mike!!!

Austin kept trying to get it...too cute!

Our brick planter is coming along! It is a slow project because it is being budgeted along the way, however mike got some money and giftcards for his birthday that will be used for it! The brick laying took an entire weekend, but looks amazing. We decided to put a fancy tile on the top of it since there are holes in the brick and didn't look to eye pleasing. We will be getting that this weekend or next. With our left over brick, concrete, and mortar; we were able to start our much smaller brick planter next to the house. We plan on also bringing it all together with some in the back yard too. Over time though. The main one is 29 feet long (yes...that is huge!) and only 4 feet wide. We have thought of several different flowers/plants from Creeping Jenny (love it!) to Sweet Peas, to possibly Knock Out Roses, and much more! We are trying to stick to perennials so we aren't spending money every year. The back part of the planter-towards our back yard- we are going to plant veggies (and maybe fruit....not likely). I definitely want to plant pumpkins for this fall! I have done little research and it seems as though we will be able to still harvest some food this fall if we plant in June/July! That is such an awesome feeling to be able to grow your own food!
This is what the boys did while we laid brick...

Just starting out.

On our last row!!!

Hard to get it all in one shot this way! Nice view of the neighbors huh?

Finished project! Now just to tile the top!


Molly said...

UMMMM....hello cake business???? Move home so you can make my boys' birthday cakes!!!!

Joey&Casey said...

I'm trying to remember all of my thoughts...okay, yah..absolutely love the top picture of Logan. It's beautiful! The brick border looks AWESOME!!!! Great job guys!!! That cake looks incredible and honestly when I saw it I said, "uh yah, cake decorating is not for me...way too much work..." but evidently it is for you because you rock at it! Happy BD to Mike:)