Sunday, May 9, 2010

Monsters on the Beach!

Every Mother's Day weekend here in VA Beach a Monster Truck show is held on the beach! I tried to go last year by myself (when Mike was deployed), but it wasn't going to happen with a 2 year old and a 3 month old. So I made sure this year we would go and Mike and I made it a "date" with just Logan. It was hot, sunny and very windy, but we sure enjoyed ourselves! Unfortunately Logan had a hard time waiting for the "fun" stuff to start with the Monster Trucks because in the beginning they were just doing timed races. We ended up leaving a bit early and went to ride one! Logan had a blast and I saw just how much he is like his momma. When I get excited about things, or pumped up, I don't really show it on my face. I tend to keep a straight face and hold my excitement in. That was what he did the entire Monster Truck ride. We did see a smirk once and a while though.

I would have to say that the high light of our time there, was seeing Logan do a double fist pump- out of the blue. The quad's were riding around in front of us and Logan started waving at them go by (even though we were far from their sight). Too cute right? Well, he was standing in front of us on the bleachers and out of the blue he gives a double fist pump! No sound or scream from his mouth, just a pump! It was like he just couldn't contain his excitement anymore and let it out! Mike and I just looked at each other and laughed. We did try and get it on video or picture, but he only did it twice.

Top Left is on the truck we rode, middle left is how we rode it, middle right is one of his many Monster Trucks, top right is him with the headphones on.

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Joey&Casey said...

It's such a joy to watch Logan grow up and become such an adorable young boy who reminds me of you a lot too Elissa:). Looks like his Daddy though of course:). So special that you guys got to take Logan on a date just with him! Great idea and so glad it was a fun time:). Loving the pictures!

Ben and Melissa said...

Happy Mothers Day Elissa! I have missed almost a month of your posts and so enjoyed catching up and reading them all. Logan truly looks like a big boy now! Austin is so sweet too. Your little family is just precious and it is neat to see you guys doing so much together and enjoying one another.