Tuesday, May 4, 2010

EOD Memorial

As most of you know, this past weekend we made the long drive down to FL to where the Annual EOD Memorial is held. This year we decided to go due to one of the fallen soldiers. EOD2 Tony Randolph was killed this past year in Afghanistan while Mike was deployed. He was Mike's dive buddy in Dive School and went through most of the EOD school with him. We had him over to our house several times and went on a long canoe trip with him. Mike saw him briefly last year before they both deployed, here in VA at the training unit...which was the last time. The weekend went well, as we had a good time despite the circumstances. The memorial was on Saturday morning and it was so packed...I couldn't believe how many hundreds of people were there...not only for the Navy but for every branch of the military. It is always so hard to hear soooo many names being read off the wall. Especially one you know. The whole way down to FL I kept thinking how grateful I was that I wasn't going there alone this year and hopefully never. Thank you EOD soldiers who put your lives so at risk for keeping us safe, forever grateful!
The Patriot Guard was there which is a motorcycle group of people who come in support of the military. The picture on the right is of the flag that is given to the family of Tony R.

The patriot guard and former EOD

So grateful to be there WITH my sailor.


Here are a few pictures of Tony...he was 22 years old (i believe) and left behind his Mother and Father and other family.

Mike and Tony during Dive School

On the canoe trip we went on

This one I got off his FB page...I believe this was during his deployment. He is the one on the right.


Laura said...

What moving pictures Elissa. Thank you for sharing these with us. We are so grateful for you and Mike's service for our country and all the people who have served and still serve. We pray for their safety and yes, how incredibly thankful we are that you all got to go as a complete family to this ceremony. I am so sorry for your loss as well as Tony's family's loss.

Joey&Casey said...

Yes, thank you EOD men and women and all the other armed forces folks who put their lives on the line for us everyday. What a sacrifice you all make for our country!! I'm glad you were able to support these soldiers and I'm glad you are back home safe. I really think you have quite a gift with that camera eye of yours Elissa. Keep it up!!

Kaylee said...

elissa! your pictures are great - even made me tear up a little (it's probably that military wife thing in me) just knowing the sacrifice the men and women have made. my heart breaks for those that lose a loved one - i can't comprehend what that is like and can only pray for those families. as sobering as it probably was, glad you guys could made the trip down there!