Monday, May 10, 2010

God's plan from the beginning...

Quick AMAZING story. It is these little things that make it so convincing that there is a God. I can't help but smile ear to ear. There has been one other time that this has happened through a journal, and today it happened again.

This past weekend Mike and I finally took the time to clean out more of our garage and get rid of things that were sitting there for the past 2 years. One was a
tub full of books and journals. We separated the books into two piles...keep and not keep. I just threw all my old journals in the not keep pile because I don't really want to read them again. Mostly they are just prayers to God and asking for His forgiveness or venting to Him. Just not something I want to reminisce about! Well, today I took the books to a thrift store to donate and one of the journals was put in the pile accidentally instead of throwing it away. I saw it and didn't want to give it away and have someone read my personal things even though they would never know who I was. So I tossed it in my bag when I got back in the car and drove home. Never even looked in it.
I was just picking up now at naptime and grabbed the journal out of my bag and there was a bobby pin that had gotten stuck in between the pages. I opened it up to get it out, caught the date of the page 2/18/05 and decided to read it. That time in our lives, mike had just gotten home from his second deployment (the first while being married) and I was trying to stay consistent with the Lord and spending time with God while adjusting to mike being home. Anyways...the first line under the date 2/18/05 " This date sticks in my head like something special happened...." WOW. Have you gotten it yet? February 18th is Austin's birthday. God knew who my child was going to be 5 years ago....actually before he ever formed me! And I had an inkling that there was something special about that date...hmmmmm. :-)

The other time something like this happened, where I looked back on a journal entry years later, was shortly after I met Mike. I asked God to give me my husband or take all the guys away in my life before I even knew I wanted to marry Mike! Seriously, it is so clear and evident that God is real and so involved in our lives. Carefully guiding us in the direction and plans for us. "In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determine's his steps" Proverbs 16:9.

I know to some this is probably a silly coincidence, but I don't have coincidences in my is all prepared and planned by God. I am just smiling all over!


Kelly said...

Very cool!

Joey&Casey said...

love that bible verse too! We can plan all we want to try and steer our lives in a certain direction but, ultimately it is God who stands behind the wheel because we want him too! Love the way God spoke to you threw your old journal! That is so special and it's obvious that God wanted to give you a little "God hug at that time." I just so love my Jesus!

ElissaM said...

it was so crazy because the journal entry before was me praying about kids, job, and future stuff...we were still 2 years from having Logan let alone 4 years from Austin!