Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some thoughts, stories, and a few pictures!

There has been lots on my mind lately, but one thing that seems so awesome to me (and this may be random) is how fitting Jesus's job was before he started preaching....a Carpenter! Think about what a Carpenter does. He created things, pieces of furniture, from scratch. Carved them, fit the pieces together so intricately. He had the plans in His head before the creations were created. Just like us, He created us, weaved us together before time began! A Carpenter creates pieces of furniture for a purpose, to serve others, to be a reason for doing something. Just like us, we are created for a purpose bigger than ourselves. The pieces of furniture are many small pieces made up into one large one. Just like there are many Christians making up one body. My favorite part is this...that when the Carpenter sees an imperfection, or sees that something needs to be fixed, he sands the wood, touches the wood with his hands lovingly to make sure the part of the wood is perfect. He then stains or paints the wood to create a beautiful masterpiece. Jesus has sanded down my imperfections, reached in a lovingly touched my heart and sees me as a masterpiece because of the blood shed for me (the stain or paint covering my sins/imperfections) God is so smart sometimes I just smile and am in such awe of the perfect plan He has had from the beginning!

1-I french braided my hair for the first time this weekend! When I looked up how online it said to not do it with wet hair and not in the mirror...well, I did it with damp hair and had to have a arms were killing me (those of you who can d
o it are probably laughing) but I was so proud of myself!

2-Logan played outside in the backyard by himself for the first time this weekend! We had beautiful weather and Logan was so stoked to be outside. He had a great playmate, Otis, and they played and played.
3-Logan also had an accident this weekend for the first time in months! It was so strange because he had two accidents right in a row...I have chalked it up to him playing outside and not wanting to come inside to use the potty.
4-I ran 5 miles in 45:39. Can't believe it....!!!

Anyways, the Morris family is doing well. Mike is going away for a couple of weeks for some training soon, hopefully he will be back for the weekend of my 8K and then have to go back to training. Austin is enjoying his new walking freedom and doesn't seem to mind that he tips over almost as many times as he steps! He enjoys "talking" on the phone and I swear he is saying "hello". Logan and Austin have been playing together so nicely lately, mostly making big messes with their pretend food, but hey, at least they are loving each other! We just bought tickets to a Monster Truck Show on the Beach in May. A special date that Mike and I will take Logan on. We were wanting to rent a hotel room with a view of the show for that weekend, but they are all booked...probably booked since the last show! We have also bought tickets to see NeedtoBreathe...a Christian group. They are awesome and have really enjoyed running to their music. We are pumped to get to go to another concert, Mike and I really enjoy those times and always come back refreshed mostly because the music is all about glorifying God! I am stoked to run the 8k in 8 days and have already gotten some "Shamrock" gear to wear during the race. I have been very blessed to have reached my donation goal, actually exceeded it! Thank you to all who donated and supported me and the Lymphoma and Leukemia society! You guys ROCK! Anyways, Austin is awake, so I must go!

I love this picture because it is typical Austin with his phone, and Logan climbing (doing something he shouldn't)
The boys playing together

My almost 3 year old!

He has some pretend food in his hand...I think it is a radish

typical walking stance for Austin...pointing his fingers for balance


Molly said...

1) I love your braid! When I french braid my hair (never anymore) I always do it backwards, so the braid is like on top of my hair. I don't mean to, it's just how it comes out. But I can only do it normally on other people.

2) I LOVE Austin's thunder thighs! Are those real cowboy boots? :-)

Joey&Casey said...

Love the pictures of your boys adorable faces:). They are getting big so fast Elissa it almost makes me sad and I'm not even their mama:). I think you did a great job on your braid for a first time!! They get easier the more you do them fortunately. I'm so excited for you to run your 8K and I'll be praying that it goes smoothly! Hope your hubby gets back in time too!
Loved your carpenter images too. Beautiful:)!

Lindsey said...

Okay, the braid looks great...I don't have the patience or skill to braid my hair. I LOVE Austins chubby legs and cowboy boots. The monster truck show sounds like it will be loads of fun for Austin. And I'm so impressed that you are running an 8k...I too will be praying for you.

Mike said...

I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on Jesus being a carpenter. It is amazing to know that the Lord had it all planned out since before he put us all together. You are such an insightful and Godly woman angel and I love growing closer to the Lord with you.