Thursday, March 18, 2010

oh the humor...

something funny logan said today.

I was changing Austin in his room and Logan said he had to pee. His stool and seat were in my bathroom all the way down the hall, so i told him to go potty by himself and i would be right there. Sometimes when i don't make it to him in time to supervise or he gets flustered when he can't get his pants off quick enough, he ends up peeing in his underwear right in front of the toilet. well, that is what happened today. So i told him it was ok, and he can still try and pee. So he sat down and in a frantic voice said..."it's not coming! I want a new pee!"

funny kid...maybe next time you can have a new pee. love my little logan.


Joey&Casey said...

hahahah that is so funny! I could see that being made into a comic strip!! Logan cracks me up!!

The Kincaid Family said...

I needed that laugh today :)! Thanks for sharing the cuteness :)!