Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sham Rock On!!!

Today was the big day! Got up early this morning and got us all ready for a morning at the beach. This will have been my 3rd time running 5 miles and I wanted to get a good time, or at least get a time better than my last. I realized however, that this 8K race isn't that big of a challenge for some people. People hadn't really trained and weren't running all that fast. During and after the race I felt an inner challenge and desire to run longer and more! To keep challenging myself and pushing myself. I know there is a half marathon coming up in September I might try and do...only time will tell! Here are a couple pictures of my day!

I also want to say thank you from the tips of my heart to everyone who encouraged me to no end. All you guys have made me feel like I could run 10 miles today and that is a feeling that I haven't had before. Your support and love toward me shone through and helped me run faster and faster. Thank you for loving me! To those who donated money, I know many people are going to be so grateful for those generous gifts. Who knows, perhaps someday I will know someone very close to me who has cancer and I will look back and think about all of you who supported the cause. You are all so awesome!!!

My goodie bag, the t-shirt for the day, my race number, and team jersey!

The date I have been waiting for!

The purple team! These are some of the girls from our Crosscurrent (church) team. The girl on the second to the left is Erin. She has cheered me on and encouraged me on my training saturdays. Also, God has given us some amazing conversations!

The start line!!!

Mike saw me at the start!

Logan and Austin waiting during the race! It was a BEAUTIFUL day! First day in the 70's of the year!

Such a great shot of me...NOT! But I am crossing the finish line!!!

Me after the race in my Shamrock gear!!! So many people dress up for this race and wear green head to toe!!!

Getting lucky!

Thank you again, so much, for you guys my wonderful friends who have supported me so much. My wonderful husband who wanted to run with me, but had to a dad instead. Mike ran with me so much to help me train, and in the end I may have beat him!!! HA!


Molly said...

I bet that felt so good today! Good job E! Were you hot running in pants? I need to buy some new running gear fo sho! So proud of you!!!

Lindsey said...

Great job Elissa!!!

Kelly said...

GO ELISSA! Very proud of you!

Joey&Casey said...

That outfit rocks!! I would be inspired to run just because I got to wear something so fun and funky:). YOu look so fit and ready for this run Elissa. As I've said, congrats and I'm so proud!! You put your mind to it and you did it. That is so huge!! Love seeing your two boys holding hands on the sidelines:). Wish I could have been there to cheer you on too!

Jenny said...

good work E! :) looks like it was a great day.