Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September so far!

So everyone it is september, and I wish it was the end of the month already! We are 5 months down and 2 to go. I remember when I posted on facebook that there was 2 months down and 5 to go...I think it was Lindsey that said just wait till its the other way around! Well, it is and honestly I feel better about it now than I did when we were only done with 2 months. Probably for obvious reason. Logan is now 2 1/2 and is doing great. He still asks for Daddy every once and awhile, but I think he understands more that he will be coming home soon. We get to see Daddy still on Skype so that is nice! I joined a MOPS group and will start that next week so I am excited for that. Logan's talking skills are still growing and lately he talks in the form as if I were talking to him. Like if he falls down he goes "are you ok?" and things like "are you running?" because that is what I would say. He asks all the time "are you laughing" to make sure I am happy...so cute! My mom got him a GoFish preschool song CD and he loves...LOVES the 5 little monkey song and EVERYTIME we get in the car he asks to listen to it. Potty training is still not quite happening. Here and there it does, but nothing concret yet. He is back in his big boy bed and doing great with it!!

Austin is now 6 months old and will actually be 7 months old next week! Time sure does fly! He was about 17lbs and 8oz and 26.5 inches at his check up. He has been enjoying new foods, from pears to avocado! I bought a hand held mixer so making food this time around is sooooo much easier! Yesterday I would have said that there was no sign of him crawling, but late last night he got up on his knees and he did today several times! Now, I know that crawling is still probably a month away or so, which is fine because I think he will be a terror (i love him!) He is so different than Logan, he grabs everything and anything in his radius. He doesn't want his own toys but only logans, especially the puzzles! He will get into everything when he does crawl! Austin is sleeping through the night which is awesome and he did that all by himself, but he barely sleeps during the day, which is really hard for me. Logan was so different! Nursing him was great in the beginning but something happened in August and he had a major nursing strike...like only eating 2 times a day!!! It lasted for almost a week so I took him in to the doc and of course he was fine. But with all that stress and him still not nursing right for another week, my milk dropped (despite all the things I was doing to help my milk stay up!) and I had a really hard time with all that. After some major praying and support from many people close to me, we became ok with the idea of changing to a bottle if he continued this way. Well, things got better with time and he started nursing again real good. Now again of course he is nursing funny, so with Mike's guidance, if things get to stressed out and frustrating we will switch to bottle. Both ways of feeding have great benefits and they both can fit our lifestyles. It just took some time for me to be ok with it all! He is just wanting to be a boy and be himself perhaps!!!

Enjoy the slideshow! We just had my sister Kelly visit and it was a great, relaxing and fun weekend! I wish she didn't have to go and I know that Logan didn't want her to go either! He was asking for her the day after she left!

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Mike said...

I love reading these posts Elissa. They really make me feel like I am able to keep in touch! I loved the slideshow as well!

Molly said...

Great slideshow! E - you look fantastic! The first word that comes to my mind when I see Austin is butterball, he is so adorable and getting so big! Logan is so cute too and is growing up way too fast. I'm so happy you only have two months left! I can't wait to see you again in December!!

Ben and Melissa said...

What a fun new post and a great slide show! Your boys are so cute and Elissa, you look amazing! What is your secret?! I ask that as I am eating some ice cream and typing haha! I totally understand how you feel about not rushing the whole crawling milestone. It will add an entirely new dimension to our days! Hoping these last 2 months fly by!

The Kincaid Family said...

Love these pictures and cant wait to play with the boys in just a few more weeks :)! Can't wait for GIRL time either :) :)! Love Austin's bright blue eyes and what a little boy Logan is, wasn't he JUST born?! Love the shots of you with your sissy too!! :)

Joey&Casey said...

love those smilebox things. I'm so glad you had a nice visit with your sister and the boys are getting bigger everytime I see a picture of them!! I didn't realize that you had Logan in the big boy bed again?? When did you take the crib down? It's going good? So glad to hear it!! Love your posts:0

ElissaM said...

So Austin is loving being on his belly and now knees, and I am praying that it takes longer for him to crawl. Logan got in his big boy bed about 2 weeks ago I think, it has been working fine and we haven't had one issue! The crib will go into the guest room and I am hoping to sell some furniture. The crib will be ready for when Laura comes to visit! YEAH!!