Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mobile Austin...

yup, this sure happened way faster than I expected and it is still catching me off guard! I have to think about the things I leave on the floor now and we found a table and chairs for logan to do his puzzles on at a kid consignment store. I got a few videos, two of Austin's rendition of crawling and just one of the boys playing. What a great Saturday we had!


This is the "second" time Austin attempted crawling and yes he was frustrated. So sorry about him being upset.


I love watching him try to crawl! He goes sideways and up and down. So cute!


This is just of my boys playing, it was a relaxing day!


Molly said...

i LOVE these videos! It looks to me like Austin is going to be walking in no time, or should i say running?!? Too cute! Thank you for sharing, I miss you all!

Ben and Melissa said...

oh wow Austin is crawling already! He needs to keep up with his big bro I guess! He is so cute and so active! Love the videos!

Joey&Casey said...

Can I just say that I think videos are my favorite way to keep up with everyone's kids! I just love hearing their little cries, laughs and noises and watching them in motion. CAn't believe Austin is crawling already. Watch out Elissa:). Your boys melt my heart:)