Saturday, September 26, 2009

Filling our time with lots of things!!!

We have been quite the busy family! Hanging out with friends, cleaning the house, craft projects, homecomings (not mikes...booo...), aquarium, and bowling! Mike is doing well as also, he is at a camp that is slower than the main one where the past couple of weeks has picked up work. So he was actually getting to do his job! My nerves were a little more on edge as I waited and waited to hear from him to make sure he was safe. We only have a little over 5 weeks left and I am starting to get a little excited. We have a long time friend coming to visit with her little boy whom I haven't been able to meet yet and then my sister is coming out one last time!

Logan is going to be starting his very own chore chart pretty soon...simple things like making bed (obviously with my help), brushing teeth, help feeding dogs, helping with laundry and dishes, and reading the bible. He is able to do more and more these days to help me around the house. I hope you don't think that I am working my child to death; he cheerfully and willfully wants to help me! Austin is doing this bear walk instead of crawling. Well, he goes back and forth between that and using his knees. It is quite funny to see him bear crawl really fast! He also is getting his first tooth! Poor guy has been really having a hard time with this tooth! He cries out sometimes and has a hard time being consoled, it has caused a diaper rash and that is only from one tooth! Logan had both bottom teeth come in at the same time, so hopefully Austin's next one is coming soon! I have a bunch of random pics and videos, so enjoy the update!
This is at the bowling alley...he decided to eat his pizza backwards!
Outside the aquarium!

I was trying to tickle logan to get him to smile...didn't work

This snapping turtle must have been 100 years old!

Logan and my friends little girl Maggie in a little "bubble"

Blowing razzes

On the trail and eating pretzels

pushing buttons and watching the sharks go by!

You may have seen a picture like this with mike before...sorry my eyes are so wide, it was dark and then FLASH!

The two of them having fun!

Enjoying the turtles!

Just shot a picture of Austin...he really doesn't look like Logan much anymore...still some similarities, but so different!


Mike said...

Hey love, loved the pictures and videos, the one of Austin laughing is hilarious! You look so gorgeous in the white skirt and pink top! I love you angel and miss you like crazy.

Joey&Casey said...

Elissa you are b-e-a-utiful! I see a nice tan on that skin of yours:). The kids look like they had a blast!