Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Lord Provides

I found this at a local Christian bookstore and it speaks to me every morning. I have learned that being a parent and then having to be a military wife, has been more challenging than ever. Well, I have to say, its not just being a military wife, but being a wife in general. I have been blessed with discovering an encouraging source for parenting/disciplining/guiding from a good friend of mine. It is called Keepers of the Home. I know there are many groups out there called that, but their style of teaching doesn't start with changing your child's attitude, but changing my own first. It may be seen as a very different style of parenting, but it is completely biblical and in the end teaches the child how to love Christ and be a Godly adult. As most of you parents know, it is a long process, but has to start in the beginning. This little plaque starts my day as I am able to have my quiet time and since it is right in front of my sink, I read it a lot and it reminds me to pray and calm down during those frustrating times, or reminds me to step it up a notch in teaching Godly attributes to my children.

Another thing that has been amazing lately is this bible study that mike and I have been doing through the internet. It was suggested by some very Godly and wonderful women. It is a Song of Songs study by Mark Driscoll. I believe he is a pastor on the west coast. The video series goes through the SOS and teaches very biblically how a marriage should work. Even after 5 years of marriage (which isn't very long), Mike and I are learning new things and are excited of the changes that will come of it. Obviously it has more to do with intimacy in marriage, but it stems out to so much more than that. Any married couples out there should definitely check it out!
The website for it is Also, if anyone wants to know more about the Keepers of the Home there is a blogsite for it and I get monthly emails about it. The Lord has blessed me greatly lately with learning new ways of being a Godly woman, wife, and mom. I am so excited for what the future holds and so humbled that the Lord chooses me!!!


Mike said...

I love you angel and I am truly enjoying our study together. I am praying that it will continue to open our eys on how to better serve each other. Can't wait to come home to you!

Joey&Casey said...

I love that quote:) My mom had it on our wall growing up and it always encouraged me too. Glad u and Mike are getting so much out of that study! Praise God for that.