Sunday, January 22, 2012

Time to get all serious.

(what the Morris family came up with to teach our boys...I pray they become Godly men that fear the Lord)

What is it that motivates you? I know that it is mostly my sister, mom and girlfriends that read this blog. There probably aren't many people that I don't know that chew over these words...hopefully there is chewing. But seriously...what drives you? Is it that cute living room design? That awesome storage unit that would look perfect in your closet and would let you fill it with the finest things? Is it the tastiest casserole or best looking dessert? Is it the most well behaved child or best dressed baby?

Are we authentic anymore? Is there anything that is deep down true and genuine anymore? Is Pinterest the only thing that keeps us going?

What I am getting at is our lives...yes I am serious...our deepest desires, our needs, and what we have been called to by the Greatest, Most Holy, Gracious, and Loving God. Most of us are just mothers who are dying to identify by something other than our failing child. Get this...our kids are NOT going to be perfect! We CAN'T and shouldn't be defined by our children. Well about our dearest husbands? Shouldn't we find security and worth in them...yes, of course the Lord gave us these wonderful men, yet our foundation and self love is founded in non other than our self sacrificing Jesus, who holds every tear in His hands.

Those incredible photos on FB, or on much do we compare ourselves and COVET after those things? We have the worst lives; so others feel sorry, we have the best lives; so others are jealous...To be one of those people who is known for that success...whether it be that awesome photo we took, or that revolution we had, or the family that we created. We just want to be KNOWN. To be special for something. Guess what...


God says we are His. No one can snatch us from His hands. Therefore, lets run this race, go for that prize that ONLY matters to Him and NO ONE ELSE. He doesn't look at what we have worldy accomplished here on this planet. He looks at our scarred hearts. At our wounded, bleeding, and begging-for-love souls. He picks us up, holds us, and breathes that fulfilling life into us. No longer should we wake up trying to be someone that we aren't. No longer should we compare our children to those of our friends. My kids are different than yours. God has instructed me to disciple (notice I did not say discipline) my boys differently than your daughter, son, or both. God works all...yes ALL things for his good. Did you hear me? ALLLLLLLLL things for his good. Trust Him in this...and you will see His faithful hand reach out and save you.

Because we are adults and we shouln't be living on baby's milk. We should actually be feeding that to our kids (not literally). We should be teaching them the basics. Being the basic example for them so that they can see Christ in us. If you think about it...see what you do daily for your kids so that they see Jesus. Even a 1 year old can see Jesus! Don't EVER underestimate them...they are SO much smarter than we think. They sin from the womb...did you hear me? Yes they do! Those beautiful innocent looking children know how to sin! It is in their nature and God has give us this glorious responsibility to disciple them. To guide, teach and show how to be Jesus to them.

The next question can we be Jesus to them if we don't know Him. Do we know that the same Spirit that knows God is in us? How wonderfully exhilarating is that???? The Holy Spirit that knows the mind of Christ, dwells in us. Oh how peacefull and exciting is that!!!! Let us turn to God and ask for knowledge and wisdom in raising these "little" people...who are actually brothers and sisters in Christ.

OOOOfta! What a rant right? I have personally experienced the depths of despair and also the heights of God's peace and love. I chose the latter and know what it takes. Relationships don't just takes lots and lots of devotion and wonderful work. Thank you my wonderful and loving Lord Jesus for being in my life and showing me what it means...what it means to live, to parent, to be a wife, and to follow you humbly. goal in this post is to hopefully encourage you, to spur you on. Please, please share with me if this incorrect or if you don't care for it. I only want to please the Lord, but I also want to grasp the hearts of my dearest friends and family.


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