Sunday, January 15, 2012

The common...GOALS FOR NEW YEAR!

I know that everyone has been posting about new goals this year, but I think it really helps to write them down. Especially to other people because it holds us more accountable. So please...if you see me slacking...yell at me!

Me Goals:
1-Get up early to work out and/or get time in the Word. My days are ALWAYS better if I do either of those in the morning. No matter how tired I am I know it will help me. Anyone have any good study plans? Any good ideas on what to do for quiet time? I have been reading a book about raising Godly boys, so that gives me motivation during the day. What about you?

2-Get my house in order. AAHHHH! I have had to let go of my house so much! I have a cleaning schedule (not crazyily particular) but just the clean the bathrooms this day, dust that day, etc. I need to stick with it! I am hoping with Everett turning one in two months (YES!! can you believe it?) that I won't be so tied down with nursing still and he will be much more invovled and distracted with his brothers.

3-Make prayer lists for each boy. (including the one taller than me:-) I started reading (never finish a book it seems) Power of a Praying Parent, and one thing she said was to make a list of things you wanted to pray for that child for that year. I think that is a swell idea. Yes, i just said swell. I have found that no matter how hard I try to teach certain characteristics and lessons to the boys, and be an example to them; the most powerful thing to do to help them is to pray for them.

4-The over rated....lose weight. Yes, the holidays put on some lbs for me. I am not happy with what is going with that. I know that I always lose weight faster after nursing a baby, so that is something I am looking forward to. I have started a p90x workout in the morning and soon will be trying Shakeology. If you are intersted in what that is please ask. I want to lose at least 15lbs. You may think that seems like a lot, but I really, really want to get back into the that would actually be over 15 lbs. But since we are done having kids, I can work on it for a while and focus on my body for myself!

5-Save money and learn to budget better. We have the most incredible opportunity to pay of our debt recently, and even though it seems to be a vicious cycle with that (pay it off, get in it again, pay it off...) I am really REALLY going to stick with it this time. I am hoping to use my photography money as the extra stuff too.

6-LAST ONE:-) Photography! I have been so blessed to have had so many sessions this past fall, and learn so much about it, I hope I can bless more people this next year. And have fun while I do it! Definitely need to amp up my indoor studio, and prop collection; but I am excited!!

So yeah...there are MY goals for this year. I know I have goals for the little ones, like help Logan start to read, get Austin ready for preschool next year, and get Everett walking at some point! Mike is always a goal...he has a long year ahead with lots of training physically and mentally. We are so stoked, but unfortunately have the looming "might get kicked out" feeling that will be with us every day. After this year of training we will sigh a huge sigh of relief! Please be praying for him!

Comment with you blog and your goals...maybe I will get some more ideas!

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Casey Martinez said...

I'm looking forward to doing another goal post for personal goals. I am with you 100% on the earlier morning to either workout or get in the word because the days can get really rough when I don't get that positive morning start before the kid wears me out. So hard to crawl out of bed early isn't it. ug. I have a few small household goals for this year such as buying curtains for the living room. It has been way too long and they aren't that expensive I just need to settle for something and get it done:). I also have travel goals and a goal to go on my first trip with Joey and have my mom watch Daisy for 3-4 days so we can go to New York possibly. We shall see....:) I LOVE LOVE that picture of your boys playing with Daddy. Priceless Elissa!