Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jumping back....Christmas pics finally!

I don't have too many photos from the day. Wish I would have taken more throughout the ENTIRE day and not just a few from opening presents...oh well...there is always next year!!
Here are few snippets from our day:-)

Night before....the kitchen all set up and under the big bag, and all the goodies under the tree! There were gifts from extended family as well. We started a tradition of the boys sleeping in our room on Christmas Eve. I thought they would keep coming down once put to bed, but they stayed put and we were in bed no latter than midnight!

The unwrapping began and messes were started! The boys got many gifts for both of them and they did great opening them together!
Everett crawling around checking it all out:-)

The dogs got a new bed...they love it!

Logan got many legos and lego type toys...such a big boy!

One of Austin's favorite from Auntie Kelly...his apron:-)

Already playing before the gifts were all opened

Goofy brothers!

My Santa Baby! First Christmas and in that Santa suit that Logan wore 5 years ago!

Great outdoor toys and hilarious when used indoors!

Getting ready for the family shot:

Merry Christmas Everyone! Thank you all for spoiling us once again:-)


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The Andersons said...

Love this!!
Mike and Logan look so much alike in the last picture!!!