Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Still here!

Hey ya'll...we are still here! SUPER busy and growing up fast! Everett is officially a crawler and is hilarious. He basically uses one foot and drags the other leg under him. Kinda like a hurt let. Oh well! Gets him around places huh? Logan was super excited at first but now has to constantly move his toys and keep things on the table. Oh the joys of a little brother.

Halloween was fun...we thought the boys would be more into it, but they were done in about 10 minutes. Austin actually walked into the first two houses and was very upset when we told him he couldn't go into strangers houses. What a goof! Overall, they had a good time and got lots of candy for only an hour!


Spidey and his web
Me and my cute puppy:-) Found it at a thrift store!
Going around the neighborhood!
I made some Santa Fe Chicken Chili the other night and it was quite beautiful in the crockpot before it cooked!! From

Me finishing my 10K. It seriously was the worst windy that when the gust of 30-40 mile and hour wind hit my jello like legs at mile 5, I about fell over! I ran the whole way though, I was determined to do that even if it wasn't that fast. This was a halloween race, so you were encouraged to dress up. There were some hilarious costumes like slinky dog, Michael Jackson on an IV running with his doctor, several Flinestones, etc. Great race. Haven't run since though because I am trying to heal some severe shin splints. I can't wait to get back out there!


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Anonymous said...

Way to go on the 10k. I have been doing coach to 5k. I have never been a runner. Even in high school I hated it. My friend ran in that. Such crappy weather.

Your boys are cute as ever.