Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like...


Yup...this season has been pretty good so far! Great decorations, beautiful tree, awesome traditions, telling and retelling of the REAL Christmas story, deals on presents, and MIKE is HOME for it! I saw a tutorial on how to make your Christmas Tree glow and I had fun playing with it...basically you close your aperature (F number...as high as possible) open your shutter speed to over 5 seconds, USE A TRIPOD and set your timer on your camera so it doesn't shake. I think my ISO was around 800. Only have your tree lights on and the rest of the house dark or very dim and shoot away! I believe my settings were "10 shutter speed, 22 F, ISO 800. Then I added a slight boost with photoshop...but it really didn't need it.

Then the bokeh tree...I may be wrong on this, but the way I did it was by manually making it out of focus and I could see the bokeh through my camera. I believe my shutter speed was 1/50 and a 2.2F, ISO stil 800. Good thing about this is that you don't really have to worry about shaking too much.

Hope you all are enjoying your Christmas season so far! Wishing we were closer to home for family, but we will make do this year...:-)



Casey Martinez said...

oooo awesome! I am going to try out our tree night shot tonight then! That looks great Elissa! The lights on the floor and the twinkle effect is beautiful!

Mommy of KraftyGang kids said...

WOW! Nice tree shot. Been working on this all evening. Finally looked this up when Laura told me about yours! Thanks.