Monday, November 21, 2011

Chaos among the calm...

By the obvious lack of has been quite chaotic. Which is always good right? Well, in this case it is. I have had numerous photo sessions during the week and weekends for friends and friends of friends. I seriously thought once I started charging people, then it would slow down a bunch, but it is amazing how my second job now is to edit pics and be creative! Loving it!

The boys have found new ways to entertain themselves while I sit next to them on the computer..."little legos" is one of the things they do:-) Hence my table being full of them, while I sip on my coffee and enjoy the chitter of two imaginative buddies. This pic was also taken with my new prime lens...LOVE IT!

Mike has been enjoying getting the boys out and running around (still wishing for a swing set in our backyard) but the obstacle course will do fine for now. Boys sure will be boys!!
Such a big guy climbing the ropes!
Always a teaching moment for Daddy and Son. Austin is so independent and so brave...but sometimes he does need help! Notice the look on his face?

I FINALLY got to meet my wonderful nephew! And yes, my great sister and brother in law visited also:-) It was so awesome to see them as a family, growing their own precious boy. It is always so fun to have them visit because of how laid back we can all be, the video gaming by the men, and constant conversation for me and Jillian. They were amazing though...they saw a glimpse of my chaotic life and the messiness that goes along with it...and yet they still wanted to be here. Josh (my BIL) did the dishes several times, and Jillian as well. So great to have helpful visitors! Anyways, we stayed home a bunch, but got to take family photos of both our families, did a little shopping, movie watching, and mothering.

Here are all four boys together...Logan 4.5, Everett 7.5 months, Noah 3 months, and Austin 2.5!

All in the tub one night:-) Everett is obsessed with splashing, more so than his older brothers and poor Noah got so much water in his face! He was a trooper though...I know there will be pay back some day:-)

Crazy kids...Everett was a little interested in Noah, but mainly like to have something to climb on...the bouncer!

I got to hold him while he was sleeping one time...oh HEAVEN! He kept smiling and making silly him!

Here are a few shots of Everett exploring...I think he really wanted to go outside that day!

On the move:-)

Beautiful Mommy and her handsome son!

Yes, Logan was in love with Noah and we had to keep reminding him to be gentle with him. "Noah doesn't have brothers like EVerett does" (who is used to the roughness by now).
Logan kept making the funniest faces when we were taking pics of them...Noah enjoyed the attention.

Stay tuned....I have plenty more photos coming!!



Lindsey said...

I can't believe how big your boys look!! It's crazy how fast kids grow. And congrats on the business...that's really exciting.

Casey Martinez said...

I am so behind on seeing your posts! Bad friend I am! I love seeing Logan with Noah. He really is such a sweet guy...rough like a boy but, really such a great big brother. I just adore your boys Elissa. They are all so handsome and my what a cutie Everett is. Love him chilling in the doorway:). So glad you had a nice time with Jill and her little man. She looks great!