Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Moving Forward

Well, he did it! My hubby passed this PT test that he has been trying to pass for months. I know that may sound bad to him, but he has worked harder for this than I have seen him do for other things. We have prayed harder over this and had some tough lessons learned. And today he did it! Not to brag...but I am gonna...:-) This is a HARD test! 15 pull-ups, 90 situps/3min, 80 push ups/3min, 3 mile run in 22:30 (that is a 7:30 mile) and a half mile swim in 14 min. Just to try and give a little example of how hard it is, I was at the gym the other night and I thought to myself...why don't I try and run a mile in ...lets say...8 min? So I started off feeling pretty good and then it started to wear on me...and I had only been going 2 min!! HA! Also, after having 3 kids the whole "peeing when you cough" thing came true and it wouldn't have been safe for me to continue running that fast. Sorry if TMI.

AAAHHHH....what a relief! I think this was so important for him to just pass it to say to HIMSELF that he passed it! Now we can move forward...he still needs to train and get ready for a possible new job. Still all in God's hands and that is one lesson we have learned and have had stamped into our minds and hearts lately. thing out of this is teaching his boys to not give up. Despite the times he failed, he did it again and again, worked harder and kept focused. I am just beaming right now I am so proud of him!! Anyways, just had to share that...thanks for letting me air out my excitement!

I title this photo: "He has the whole world in his hands:-)"


Casey Martinez said...

This post was like a warm hug. So very happy for this encouraging day for your family Elissa! Don't you just love that after enduring such long weary seasons God gives us a huge Heavenly hug of grace to keep us going, to build us back up and to press us on. Glory to God for He is so faithful! Darling, darling picture!

Lindsey said...

Wow! That is so AWESOME!!! Great job Mike. I can imagine the training for the test was stressful for you all. Congratulations!

Molly said...

Congratulations Mike!! What a great accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mike! How exciting. Such an awesome lesson to teach. I love that shot by the way.