Saturday, October 1, 2011

Momma In Focus Friday!

My girlfriend Casey does this on her blog and I haven't done it in forever! Now, it can be hard to get ALL of my boys together for photo, so here is my littlest one and me. It was a beautiful night and the other boys were all sweaty and playing hard on the playground while I just sat and starred at this beautiful creation.

I am starting to think that God knew what he was doing giving me all boys:-) There is something so special about them, so tender, yet rough. When they tell me, a momma, they love me I know it is meant with all their hearts. With boys you have to let go a little more and sooner so they can become a boy/young man/man of God, so this time as little ones I am cherishing more and more. Don't get me wrong, they aren't easy all the time! They fight and punch each other, climb furniture and flip each other over while laughing, and they think dirt is the new clean. Anyways, I am just so happy with my three men that I get to see grow up:-)



Casey Martinez said...

those last two pictures of you and Everett are so beautiful Elissa. They really evoke so much emotion and make time stand still. You will cherish them forever without a doubt. ME and Joey agreed that the picture of Austin made him look so grown up...we could see him walking off a field with his sports helmet in high school:) Such handsome kiddos all 3 awesome boys!

Ashley Sisk said...

Beautiful photos - your children have such beautiful eyes.

Anonymous said...

I love these. They are sooo adorable. Love the kissy photo. :D