Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Everett...oh Everett...

Wow...did we kick ourselves in the butt!! We boasted about our two older boys being great sleepers at night and now...we have the worst. Well, I know there are a lot of terrible sleepers out there, so he is one of the worst. For the first few months I chalked it up to on demand nursing and him not having a schedule because of our busy lives. Then I hoped once he started eating he would sleep longer...nope. I also hoped that he would get on some kind of routine at getting up at certain hours and eating, then going back to bed easily...nope. NEVER has the same night twice. And I am not talking about one night sleeping for 4 hours and then the next night up every 2...I am talking about just plain inconsistency!

For the past 4 weeks he has been the worst. First he was sick...ok kid, you get extra attention at night for being sick. Don't like seeing and hearing my baby have croup. Then once that was over he started teething...two teeth later he gets sick again. I just couldn't believe it! I thought breastfed babies weren't supposed to get sick so much! So I took him into the doc yesterday and she said he has "baby asthma"...WHAT?!?! So here goes trying to figure out if it is asthma or not. She gave us an inhaler and singulair to give him daily. I feel so bad giving him the inhaler because it amps him up so much. He looks like he was given a cup of sugar! I just wish we could figure out what really is wrong and get him to sleep.

Last night he was up till 1230am...a first for him and a first for our marriage. Let's just say the strain of no sleep and conflicting ideas on how to deal with this isn't easy for us. I have ordered the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child because I have heard rave reviews about it and am waiting now over a week for it (come one person, don't you know I need to sleep!?!).

Anyways...I really shouldn't complain because I know some people have it worse. And I am so grateful for my little Everett. Even though he is sleeping horribly right now, he is still an easy baby. He plays a ton by himself and the other boys. Is sitting up totally on his own now, just waiting for him to figure out crawling. He is going through a screaming phase...and yes I mean high pitch shrieks. If any one has been on the phone with me while he does it, you know know what I mean. I count every day a blessing that he continues to nurse because this was about the time when Austin stopped. He loves to nurse and we are pretty good at it still:-) He is so chunky and may be the biggest of the boys. Over 18 lbs and over 27 inches long. Well into 12 month clothing! He may be a ninja for Halloween...if I can find the costume. That means that all three boys were this ninja for their first Halloween. Hand-me-downs are starting to be sentimental! Well, if you have any tips please let me know. We are going to start the cry it out method soon and try and wean him down to 1 feeding a night. Pray for our patience with our little guy!!



Sarah said...

Gosh he is so cute! What are you using for the yellow backdrop?

Sleeping wise. I let Dustyn cry it out around 10 months cause he was still getting up. Carsyn sleeps through the night most nights, but sometimes gets up 1-2 times a night. I just get up and nurse him since he is so tiny and I know he only cries when he is actually hungry or in pain. Good luck!

The Kincaid Family said...

I am so sorry about the illness, teething, asthma, and sleepless nights. Even though my situation isn't as bad, I just want to say I understand what you mean about "bragging" about your good sleeper and getting your payback! Paytin is my lively one and not a good sleeper at all!! And can I just say....the picture of him in the rockstar glasses has got to be, hands down, the BEST baby picture I have EVER seen. Seriously. I absolutely LOVE it! Can you and Casey just please fly out here and shoot my kiddos and our fam bam for me ;)! Miss you E!!

Casey Martinez said...

You know I have nothing but, compassion for yah. I know how brutal it it wears on your sanity and the marriage. How it baffles you and puts a kink in your every day attitude. In fact I still deal with it on occasion since Daisy has never taken long naps either. I feel like I got really jipped with her sleeping drama. lol. Anyways, I know Daisy gets sick EVERY single time she is teething and I am betting that Everett is the same way too. That being said, prepare for him to be sick a lot cuz I swear that is what causes it and the sickness combined with the teething make for even WORSE sleepers. Daisy is chewing on my clothes this week simply to try and get relief from her two year molars and she is sicker than a dog..uhgin. OYE. I hope you are more successful much sooner than I was! Prayers for strength, peace and patience in this season for you. xo