Thursday, September 8, 2011

Big Boys and Bigger Boys

Today, Sept 8th, was Logan's first day of Pre-K! Now, he has gone to "preschool" last year and a PDO program the year before. But this year is quite a bit different. This is the year they really start to teach them school-work and they prepare them for Kindergarten! Honestly, I wasn't that nervous or anxious about him going today. I am able to drop him off, I make his lunch, know about all the kids in the class, is at a church, and I get to pick him up. So it is all safe and since we have been going there for 3 years, I am fairly comfortable with the whole process. Now, when thinking about NEXT year...Kindergarten...that is a whole other story. The other night I was up for about 2 hours just thinking about him going to school, the type of school is going to, and all that goes in to it. I got overworked and almost starting crying. Just remember...Kindergarten is NEXT year...I have a whole year to go! If this is how sensitive I am about it now...I am going to be a basket case next year. Aaahhh...i don't want to start crying, so we can change the subject. Man...I didn't know what a softie I was!!

Logan getting ready for school, getting his shoes on.

It was bright out and a jet was hurry up and smile!
Don't forget about your brother! I can see this being a picture in future slideshows at graduation or weddings:-) These two...I don't think they realized the bond and love they have for each other. Austin had a hard time today with out him...kinda mopey and didn't behave very well. Hopefully he will get used to it! Austin will have his first day (and only day a week) next Wednesday...he is excited!
Tried to get one last shot...this is what I got:

2PM...picked up Logan! He went to school with no fusses...always so excited to meet new people and try new things. So brave! The teacher said he had a good day and he was all sweaty when I got him, so we know he was playing hard. They two boys are just relaxing watching a show right now...together at last!

Big boy Everett is learning to sit up! He is the earliest out of all the boys to get it this fast. The others got it closer to 6 months, but at 5.5 months he has it down practically! As you notice I still protect him and help support him with pillows, but last night in the shower he was sitting up for about 5 minutes with NO help! So fun!

Such a happy baby:-)

You see that? See that? BROWN EYES! AH!



Molly said...

Dear Logan,

Please stop growing up. That is all.

Jack's Mom

Sarah said...

Awww, how sweet. Everett is growing up so quickly.

Lindsey said...

Aww, how cute. I know what you mean about kindergarten. Even though I'm homeschooling, i can't believe Claire will actually be a kindergartner. Time just goes by way to fast.

Casey Martinez said...

see that!! Brown eyes, woohoo!! hehehe. I LOVE these pictures Elissa. They are so beautiful, crisp, clean. Awesome! I love Logan's big boy with the backpack shots! Awesome! He really is such a big kid now!