Sunday, September 25, 2011

Getting a grip

It has been a while...lets say over a year, since I have felt I have had a grip on things. My house, my mothering, my walk with the Lord, and being a wife. Not sure what it is today because usually the rainy days turns me sour the minute I wake up, but I am feeling on top today. Very happy about that.

Life in the Morris household continues with little boys growing up and babies getting bigger. Mike's job situation remains the same...unknown:-) I am hoping in the next month or two we will have a more clear plan. I have "started" my photography business and am very excited about it. My portfolio is fairly complete for now and am starting to charge people. Who knew that I would be doing this someday? I guess it is a good way to bring in a little extra money for the house and I get to be artistic. Something I miss terribly! Mike and I have been budgeting tightly lately, which has made us realize going home to MN really isn't in the picture for Christmas time. We are sad about that, but also excited because our boys are so much older that they will be totally into it. Very excited to explain the Christmas story again to Logan because I am sure he will understand it all the more this year. Oh man...the questions he asks...

"What is inside a tree?"
"What is inside teeth"
"Why do we want to go to heaven?

oh and then he says one night in his bed..."mom, I am afraid of the skeleton inside my body". HA!!

Austin has his own funny things....he points with all of his fingers, makes the funniest confused faces, is starting to potty train a lot more...been dry for about 3 days...except for about 2 accidents. And I love how he says Chick Fil A...."Chik-A-Fil-A"

Anyways, that is quite the tangent. Basically, we are chugging along...things coming up this month: Running a 10K, mike continues training, visit from Papa, more photography and school for the boys!

OH...I have a 6 MONTH OLD!! Here is the little guy in action learning to sit up. A few facts about the little guy:

He has brown eyes still...getting more and more brown every day. Mike is in denial. I think they are beautiful

He has almost mastered sitting up, but I still put pillows next to him so he doesn't bonk his head.

He had croup this past week...awful sounding, got some medication for it and learned he weighs a whopping 18 POUNDS! YIKES! His six month check up is this wednesday.

Still wakes up 2-3 times a night for a feeding and it is hit or miss if he wants to sleep past 5 or not.

Takes about 3 naps a day...two short and one long one.

Eats 3 meals a day usually...rice cereal for breakfast, a small fruit for lunch and a small veggie for dinner.

Has started this funny thing with his lips, he sucks in the top lip and then spits with his lips and toungue...tonight when he was done nursing before bed, he looks at me, sucks in his lip, then spits milk all over my face...couldn't help but laugh at him.

He is in 9 month size clothing, and almost 12 month size pants with his cloth diapers. Which, by the way, have become second nature to us...very glad for that.

Logan still LOVES to play with him, although he has become more rough with him lately. Just today Everett was on his belly and with his cloth diapers his bum is pretty padded. So we found Logan squatting and bouncing on Everett's bum. Seriously kid?

Everett must know he is our last because he is such a cuddle bug. After every time he nurses he just lays his head on my shoulder while I pat his back or rub it. It melts my heart every time! Just the other day he fell asleep on my shoulder! He can be so lovely and smiley at just makes me so happy:-)

I will have his 6 month photos coming up soon!!

Beautiful boy...I know I am partial though

I tied some strings for Logan and he hung his super heros on fun for a little boy with a growing imagination.

Woody hanging on for dear life!

Getting down and in Everett's face...but making him laugh!



Sarah said...

Awww! So adorable! They do grow up so quickly. Praying for the unknown of Mike's job. Very awesome about your photography business.

Casey Martinez said...

As I said I adore that first shot and as always I love the creative shots you get of your boys just being boys and playing. The update was awesome even for me knowing some of it. It's just such a treat to be a part of your kiddos lives! I feel very blessed!

Lindsey said...

Thanks for the update. And you aren't partial about Everett...He really is a beautiful baby.

The Andersons said...

you have such beautiful boys!!!