Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thoughts of a Spring Evening

(warning...blurry pictures ahead)

We bought Everett his first swing...
 Tonight was the perfect night to try it out...
 We had perfect weather today that made me crave summer and fall at the same time. One two three push...feel the wind through his silly hair...

I gaze at my hydrangeas coming back. They were so dead and quiet all winter. I pray I wake as they did. 

I glance down at the sight of shoes on the wrong feet, but put proudly on by a three year old, and it makes me ponder. What precious moments are these. 

A giggle that only my heart knows. How I love your smile dear Everett. 

I longingly stare at the sunset, wishing I had more a  view. For every color is created by God for God and for us. I see my surroundings in my view also, just amazed at what I have been blessed with. A fence for my house and a swing set for my children.

Could anything be any sweeter than this Spring's night?

Austin found it. He felt the wind in his hair and opened his mouth to feel it too. 

Dare I even say how big my little man has gotten? One week and he will be five. What a glorious 5 years this has been.

Six hands, 30 toes, 3 faces, and my heart that is complete. Thank you Lord for this sweet night:-)


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Joe said...

what a precious post Elissa. Love the last picture and the 6 hands, 30 toes and 3 faces. Melted my heart gosh dangit! This was just lovely! Way to soak up God's glory in all things!