Thursday, March 8, 2012

So tired of sickness

Can this winter be over yet? Or was there even a winter? Seriously, up to 70 today and 50 tomorrow, no wonder my family (and myself) are sick all the time! Just to name a few: random high fevers for Austin and diarrhea, cough and congestion for Logan...seems constant, Mike has been feeling like he is on the edge of a healthy breakdown for a while, drinking Airborne every day, I had pneumonia two weeks ago, OUCH, and poor Everett seems to get it the worst. We were "sick free" for about 5 days and now Everett has another ear infection and croup. It came on so suddenly it frustrates me! I put him to bed last night totally healthy, going for a follow up app today and he woke in the middle of the night with the worst croup he has had yet. And yes, he has had this about 4 or 5 times. I had to sleep in his room because I was so concerned about his breathing and every time I didn't hear him breathing I woke up (his breathing was so noisy). Like I said we already had an appointment today for a follow-up for his last ear infection with ear drum burst. I went in with the hopes of getting some steriods for his throat and going home. But nooooo, another ear infection and they gave us steriods for his throat, but it didn't work. My girlfriend has recommended some home remedies for both, so we are trying that out as well.

Seriously, this is so draining! I just want a healthy family so I don't have to overstock in kleenex and tylenol, or run out and buy a humidfier just in case the vaporizer isn't working. Anyways, I need to see the good in all this...thankful for doctors that are available and for being able to get care when I need it. There...I am thankful:-) I am just praying that Everett isn't an ear tube kind of guy.

Like I said, Everett was fine last night, and I have pictures and video to show of it. Usually when mike isn't home during the evenings (which has been 4 out of 5 nights lately) we have a dance party after dinner because I am procrastinating with the dishes:-) Everett found his "cheesey" face for the camera and every time I went to take his picture, he would make this face:

He looks so much like Logan in this picture:

Austin was doing a few dance moves:

Then I scolded Everett for getting in the TV cabinet and he shot me this noise behind it, just a whiny face:

Wanted to share these few...I was practicing with my new my boys



Casey Martinez said...

I was actually wondering about the tubes in the ear with Everett because of how frequently he gets ear aches and the sickness. I hope it passes for that poor little man once and for all so he can recover and you can too! You aren't kidding with the crazy sickness your family has been going through. Believing for healing in Jesus name!!

Love E's cheese face! He is a riot and has so much personality it's awesome!! THe backdrop is sweet! Love the rustic feel to it and that your two boys posed for you like such good little sports:)!

The up down weather is getting old for me too!

Anonymous said...

They are soo adorable. This weather has been driving me batty. I am ready for some consistent weather. The colds have been bad around here. When it gets warm we will have to meet at the park one day.

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way I tagged you :)