Sunday, June 19, 2011

"________" kind of man, makes a "_____" kind of Daddy

Happy Fathers Day to all your Dads, husbands, etc! I am sure there are no dads reading this:-) Just wanted to share my love and appreciation for this wonderful man in my life. He amazes me every day as I watch him parent, love and guide our boys. His patience surpasses mine by a mile, and the fun he has with them is priceless. I am so grateful that our children have a Daddy like him to raise them! Here are a few photos of the man and some thoughts of mine:-)

"Cuddly" kind of man, makes a "sensitive" kind of Daddy. I like how he appreciates Everett's smiles, and loves to make him coo and laugh.

"Gardening" kind of man, makes a "growing" kind of Daddy. He learns how to grow and adapt as the boys get older. He also realizes that each one is a different kind of "plant" (silly analogy huh?).

(Just had to include this card Logan made at school for Fathers Day)

"Passionate" kind of man, makes a "crazy" kind of Daddy. When Mike gets an idea in his head, gets his sights set on one thing...he goes full force! Mike has been very passionate about running lately and pretty much just woke up one day running 7 or 9 miles! He got a crazy idea in his head to run BAREFOOT! Now...he already wears minimalist shoes, but for some crazy reason he got up one saturday and ran 7 miles barefoot...this is what happened (picture below). This makes a crazy kind of Dad because he is always up for anything! Wrestling becomes an adventure in super hero land, poles become magic bean stalks, and all characters in stories have an english accent:-)

"Compassionate" kind of man, makes a "treat others as yourself" kind of Daddy. Austin gets frequent nose bleeds and this is one way we are trying to stop them. (I get many and I can't imagine having them as a 2 year old!) Mike often says "Am I whinning? Then you don't whine...Am I crying? Then you don't cry" So in this situation Mike showed Austin that sticking a kleenex up his nose doesn't hurt. They both sat there like this until it stopped bleeding. Compassionate in his own ways, but very loving as well as growing masculine men.

"Strong" kind of man, makes a "Hero" kind of Daddy. Sorry Mike, yes, I posted this picture. Mike puts an importance in eating right and working out and it is fun to see the boys doing the same. Food has "tools" (like hammers and screw drivers) and exercising is a contest. Austin can pretty much do a real push-up! Logan has said that he wants to be a good guy like Daddy when he grows up and it makes my heart smile to hear that.
Thank you so much Michael for loving our boys and desiring to be the best you can be! Happy Fathers DAy!


Kelly said...

Happy Fathers Day, Mike! Loved this post, E!

Casey Martinez said...

awesome post to Mike Elissa. I love that you took the time to really honor mike specifically with examples and pictures. This was really special and a great tribute to theman in your life! Happy Father's day mike!You are an awesome Dad!

Anonymous said...

Awwww. I love this. Great tribute. Happy Father's Day Mike!