Thursday, June 23, 2011

Everett is 3 Months!

Yikes! Does time fly or what? This also means that I have no excuse to get out and exercise any more, and I need to eat better...aahhh man! Yes, my little baby is 3 months. One more month until we can try rice cereal, 3 more months until solids, 3-4 more months until he is sitting and CRAWLING! AAAHHH! (only if he follows in his brothers footsteps.) Speaking of is so fun to see how much they adore him! Austin has his blankies, and likes to share them with Everett. And no he doesn't lay them flat on Everett, he balls them up and puts them right on his stomach or back when he is on the floor. Logan is a BIG help, makes him laugh and loves to lay near him when playing with his own toys.

Everett is such a joy to us, and we are very grateful for the ease of this baby. He sleeps fairly well at night, about 3-5 hour stents. Yes he sleeps on his belly...and yes I get worried sometimes, but I am at peace with it.

He is starting to not like being swaddled, so we will see how much longer that lasts.

He nurses great and I am enjoying it the most this time around. No worries or what ifs...just enjoying it.

He seems to be on the schedule of pooping every 5 days. Pretty predictable and very strange. Logan did this too, but for not as long. He isn't constipated or in any pain so we let it be.

He started batting at his toys a few weeks ago which made me forget how early they do those things!

He loves his play mat and I know some of you will sigh at this, but he will play on it for about 45 minutes at a time.

He is a pretty chill baby. In fact, he is just laying on my lap right now while I type this fully awake.

He LOVES the baby carrier. And I LOVE my Beco. Almost the second he is put in it, he falls asleep. Pretty sweet!

He is a smilier and sometimes when he gets fussy, if you can just make him smile again, laugh a little, he will be good.

At his two month check up he was 13lbs 4 oz and 24 inches we have a growing boy!

I had a blast doing his photoshoot, and there are some more props that I may be getting in the next week or so that I found at an antique store down the road. So I may add to them. The blue blanket in the photos was made by his Nana and I LOVE beautiful! Forgive me for the overload of pictures...I just couldn't post a few!



Ashley Sisk said...

So so sweet - beautiful baby.

Molly said...

Great photos. I love how calm and relaxed you are with Everett. So he's sleeping on his tummy and pooping every 5 days! He's happy and healthy and mama knows best! You rock.

Casey Martinez said...

Elissa these are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love them all. The soft more neutral shots are so amazing and E is looking so big now. Love that you captured him sleeping to. How angelic is that!! Have to say though...not sure exactly why but, the bright colorful blanket shots are my favorites without a doubt Love his smile and the quilt pattern!! GREAT job!

Anonymous said...

I love these! That hat is soooo cute. Everett is adorable

Emily said...

Your pictures are AMAZING! he is oh so beautiful!!!