Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun Family Time

In the past month, Mike has surprised the family with some fun dates! We went miniature golfing one night and this weekend we went and watched the sunrise! Here are some pictures and stories about our surprises with Daddy!

First off...I love this picture of Austin. He is looking at Mike and he always gets a cheesy smile on his face...

Miniature golfing was an experience. It was the first real nice evening as far as weather goes and everyone wanted to golf. Unsure of how Logan would do, we were excited to see his reaction. We hurried through the course as Logan would hit the ball straight on and then run to put it next to the hole so he could hit it right in. Austin was happy just holding the balls and walking around. I am trying to post a video so you can see how Logan golfed. Austin was sure mad at the end when he had to give up the balls and Logan was done with golfing around hole was a good family time though!

Logan knocking the ball in!

Posing for a picture!

This past Sunday, Mike got us all up around 530 and we took off for the Sunrise. Unfortunately it was a very VERY chilly morning. He grabbed just about every blanket possible, which really helped. Logan very much enjoys to have the sunlight in the house and asks for me to "let the son out" in his room, which means to open his shades:-) Just like his momma! It was neat to show Logan where the sun came up from and also moving for me to see the sun as the "first" person in the morning. There barely anyone else on the beach and the only sound was the waves. The Lord is so beautiful that He paints the sky before the sun comes up. I tried to get some pictures, but I was unsure how to get good sunrise shots with the camera.

Just as the sun started peaking through

Austin all bundled up and waiting

Coming up over the horizon fast!

It was cold which was so unfortunate, so the boys' faces weren't that happy some times.

Tried to get some pics of the boys once the sun came up, but Austin was crying because he wanted to be warm...

The reflection of the sun on the wet beautiful!


God's beautiful morning...why don't we try and see it every day! Do you think your day would be different (besides being tired) if you started it off with a sunrise painting!?


Joey&Casey said...

Wow! I have to give Mike major props for being so creative and for planning fun family activities! You guys are such a cute family Morris gang:) That sunset looked beautiful and I would love to do that someday...maybe not a beach sunrise as it is too far away but, maybe a front yard sunrise:0. Love the pictures of the kiddos. They are getting so big it just blows my mind!

Laura Bora said...

Yes and Yes to what Casey said :) Kudos to Mike for such fun family times and you guys are just too cute for words :)! I am not rushing to have Bray grow up but look forward to more activities like mini golfing with him in the future! These toddler years and young little boy years are SO much fun! The sunrise is GORGEOUS and I bet it would be super picturesque out on the lake here, you're inspiring me to try and do the same with my boys :) Love you guys!

Kaylee Hanson said...

way to go to mike for such fun family activities. and your pictures were great! the sunrise photos were gorgeous and catching the boys watching it was really neat!