Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More and more babies!!!

I can't believe that it was about 2 weeks ago that I learned that one of my dear friends was pregnant! Now, this just isn't any ordinary pregnancy...I have known her since her and her husband have been married in CA and we are again on the same side of the country! She has listened to my stories about my kids and patiently waited while me and many of her other close friends had babies. She is an inspiration to me and waiting on the Lord. I went to go visit her this past weekend and got my first photo with mom and baby! It was fun to be there with her and she brought back many memories that I forgot about when being wanting to eat a horse every couple of hours! I was the same way Casey...don't worry, it all goes to your baby...I promise! She is due March 30th and that time can't come soon enough! So glad for her and her husband!

I was going to put my hand on her belly, but I know that she will have plenty of that the next 7 months...She is going to be a hot momma!


Joey&Casey said...

That picture is soooo cute and you got me all teary eyed (well, it's not too hard to do that these days but still!!) I have learned a wealth of priceless information from you, Melissa, Laura, and Lindsey and I feel so lucky to have so many wonderful people to turn to for advice. You are to sweet dear friend!

The Kincaid Family said...

LOVE THIS PICTURE! I was hoping you got one like this to post after the "secret" was out! YAHOO! So excited, I've got baby fever for Casey (not for myself again just yet)! Can't wait to be out there! Almost 1 month away! :)!

Lindsey said...

I wish I could be on the same side of the country with you guys. :-( I'll just pretend I'm there with you guys whenever I look at pictures. :-) That was a beautiful post Elissa.